MAG Audio : ShowWasp 2023

MAG Audio : ShowWasp 2023

Following multiple postponements due to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent Russian aggression, the convergence of Ukrainian sound specialists and MAG Audio finally became a reality. 

Undeterred by the adversities, we not only weathered the storm, maintained our cohesive team, and ensured timely order fulfillments, but also seized the opportunity to innovate. Over this span, we developed a plethora of new models, revamped speaker presets, and fortified our development & marketing division with fresh talent. So there was no way to delay, instead, the curtains finally rose on the long-awaited show!\

The presentation unfolded in two segments. A theoretical explanation that allowed direct interaction with the developers behind the new models and presets. On the other hand, an immersive experience for attendees to learn about the latest MAG Audio innovations, while at the same time being the first in the world to enjoy their sound in the open air.

The esteemed WASP series has received a remarkable addition in the form of the WASP-S15, a brand-new system subwoofer. Notable updates extend to the flying frames, now even more advanced, with an added lightweight variant. And finally equipped with a laser inclinometer.

An undeniably significant reveal at this event was the introduction of MAG’s flagship model, the S218. This sub is a manifestation of contemporary innovation and integrates powerful woofers of our own engineering. It features the ability to operate in an infra mode and also offers the ability to operate within a cardioid configuration. The S218 is equipped to fly while enhanced transportability is ensured by an attachable wheeled cart.

The top-of-the-line point source loudspeaker range, the MAG Sting series, has also broadened its horizons. In addition to the highly acclaimed Sting 8, a capable and highly affluent model, we have introduced our compact Sting 6Q, ideal for front-fill applications and known as the 'mini cube'. Naturally, the festival stage and audition scenarios provided the perfect platforms to appreciate its sonic finesse.

During this event, special attention was also paid to the renewed mobile set "Vera". The theoretical part was highlighted by the utilization of the white Vera M version for speaking lecturers. While the AIR-C installation series also made a presence, the event emphasizes touring applications, it stood as a static exhibit, as its caliber warrants an independent presentation and audition.

The highlight of the show – for a majority of those in attendance - was the audition, which was part of the show. It was held on the square of the festival "Black Sea Games", which took place a little later, where only the acoustic MAG Audio installations were used 100%. Attendees were treated to a wide variety of test tracks from a variety of genres, an evaluation of the new presets, and the sonic prowess of acoustic systems.

Following the "MAG Audio: ShowWasp" (originally "ШОуВАСп?" - wordplay in the Ukrainian language) presentation, we have produced a video to ensure that those who were unable to attend in person can still immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere and learn more about this event. For those lucky enough to be there, this video serves as a nostalgic reminder of that brilliant day and a chance to see themselves in the midst of the excitement.


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