We are from Ukraine! | MAG Audio

We are from Ukraine! | MAG Audio

24.02.2022. The date that changed our lives forever. Insidious Russian aggression against the free people of Ukraine had instantly canceled out plans and dreams of the entire nation. Thousands of innocent lives lost, tens of thousands of homes destroyed, and millions of people are looking for shelter abroad or in regions where there is no fighting. And many more cannot even leave their basements, get decent food, get qualified medical care, not to mention normal comfortable living.

In these extremely difficult times for our country, our company is doing it’s best to help volunteers and the army. We are also working hard to support the economy of country and our employees. Despite the effective halt of the domestic market, we try to fulfill our export orders even under shelling and almost destroyed logistics. This means salaries for our workers and taxes for our country. We do not stop researching new models and are creating grandiose plans for post-war development, because we believe in the great future for our country.

We are most grateful for unparalleled support of the international community and our global clients. The entire civilized world has united around Ukraine, meaning after the victory we will flourish and receive a powerful impulse for development and prosperity.

We believe in Ukraine, our Armed Forces, and in the spirit of our unbreakable people! Glory to Ukraine!


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