MAG STING 6Q - a super compact multi-purpose point source solution

 MAG STING 6Q - a super compact multi-purpose point source solution

MAG Audio announces the expansion of its STING series, a premium line of point source loudspeakers that - for its versatility and high-quality performance - has already captured the hearts of many fans of quality sound. 

The new family member is the STING 6Q, a super-compact, and attractive coaxial loudspeaker. It perfectly complements your sound system as a visually unobtrusive front fill, provides sound for the desired areas and under-balcony spaces, it can serve as an individual monitor in an orchestra or band, and even as a main stereo system for small rooms.

The MAG Audio STING 6Q is built with a 6-inch coaxial speaker designed by our engineers to deliver maximum performance and minimum distortion. The woofer has two aluminum demodulation rings and an optimized rib-wound coil. The 1.5” titanium diaphragm HF driver is loaded into a 100° x 100° conical horn. The coaxial layout of the speakers ensures clarity of the sound image, minimization of phase distortions, as well as a linear frequency response in the entire operating frequency range.

The basic characteristics of MAG Audio STING 6Q are:

✔️ Coaxial driver 6” + 1,5"

✔️ Nominal power: 150 W

✔️ Frequency Response (−10dB): 82 – 20000 Hz

✔️ Peak SPL: 124.8 dB*

✔️ Sensitivity (1W/1m) 91 dB

✔️ Nominal coverage angle: 100° x 100°

✔️ Dimensions (W × H × D): 200 x 210 x 200 mm (7.87” x 8.27” x 7.87”)

✔️ Weight net: 4.4 kg (9.7 lbs.)

MAG Audio traditionally offers maximum versatility for both mobile and installation loudspeaker use, so the Sting 6Q comes with a wide range of installation options, accessories, and mounts.

The basic version can be installed directly on a standard microphone stand with a 5/8” thread. This is the fastest and most convenient option that does not require separate accessories and that can be used anywhere and anytime.

Given the fact that the stability of the microphone stand depends heavily on its design, we also provide a more reliable and predictable mounting option using a standard 35 mm pole by means of an adapter. This option also offers better compatibility if you need to install a loudspeaker on a subwoofer. We offer the adapters for a 35 mm pole in two versions, a fixed ST6-PM and a more advanced ST6-PM30 model which offers an adjustable angle between +20° and -10°.

Another accessory is a unique stand - ST6-TA - which engineers of the rental companies really will appreciate. This stand not only allows you to securely install the loudspeaker on any surface, but it also provides the desired angle of inclination between +45° and -25°. Most ideal for front-fills. Of course, we're also offering a bracket for overhead installation for model STING 6QiCBM-150 - which allows a -0°to -90° tilt and 360° rotation.

For other installation options, primarily wall mounting, a standard VESA 100 x 100 mount is provided on the back of the speaker. We strongly recommend using the reliable products for model STING 6Qi of our partner MN Mounting Solutions, such as p/n WRM-18.

Two Speakon connectors are provided for mobile connectivity, and a Phoenix connector will come in handy for installations. The Sting 6Q is available 16 Ohm, which guarantees maximum adaptation to your needs.

Its composite body is created by using our unique Polycomp© hybrid anti-resonance technology. The frame is made of 75% wood and 25% polyurethane. The combination of these materials offering different densities additionally suppresses parasitic vibrations. The resulting shape of the case reduces the number of internal standing waves.

The MAG Audio Sting 6Q is a super-compact, multi-purpose, and high-quality coaxial loudspeaker that solves a wide range of tasks and provides high-quality sound anywhere!


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