Changes in Sting 6: two are better than one

Changes in Sting 6: two are better than one

MAG Audio is dedicated to the relentless pursuit of product enhancement, continuously ensuring our customers have access to the best features and functionality in audio solutions. We are therefore thrilled to announce updates regarding our Sting model lineup that will elevate user convenience and overall experience even more.

The versatile all-in-one acoustic system, the Sting 6Q, has evolved and made it even better. In response to customer feedback and the practical insights obtained from diverse market use, we are splitting this model into two specialized versions: the Sting 6Q and the Sting 6Qi.

Sound engineering teams from rental and installation companies have widely praised the sound quality and functionality of the Sting 6Q. However, they also expressed the need for further refinement in specific areas. The rental companies emphasized & questioned the 'green thing' (Phoenix connector) and the redundant VESA mounting holes as rarely applicable in concert environments and therefore not optimal. On the other hand, installers questioned the need for Speakon ports that interfere with VESA mounts, and therefore not have to pay for features that will not be used.

It was time for optimization and the introduction of two distinct versions tailored to meet diverse usage scenarios:

✔️ The MAG Sting 6Q model has been fine-tuned for versatile mobile applications, now with a stripped Phoenix connector and superfluous VESA mounting holes, focusing instead on a Speakon interface with linking capabilities. This version is the perfect match for those seeking a portable and efficient acoustic system without unnecessary extras.

✔️ On the flip side, the Sting 6Qi model is simplified for fixed installations, offering installation-friendly Phoenix connectors. It's an optimal choice for any installation projects that demand reliable, high-quality sound, without excess frills.

These updates to the Sting lineup exemplify MAG Audio's unprecedented commitment to continuous improvement. We strongly believe these changes will enhance the user experience, allowing every individual to find the perfect fit for their unique requirements.


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