MAG Audio systems for the “Sun Valley Serenade” premiere

MAG Audio systems for the “Sun Valley Serenade” premiere

Although the theatrical season has just started, the International Center of Culture and Arts (Kyiv, Ukraine) already hosted one of the most expected theatre premiers – “Sun Valley Serenade”, a remake of a world-known self-tilted musical theatre. Fabulous actors and cast, eminent director, live performance of Glenn Miller’s music – these are the things that made the play a total must-see. The premiere was accompanied by MAG Audio systems reinforcement all way long. 

Sound system requirements have been conditioned by 2 criteria:features, which are specific for the musical theatre (live performance) and size & acoustic characteristics of the concert hall.  The International Center of Culture and Arts is among the biggest venues in Ukraine, which accommodates up to 2 thousand people. Tocover the hall of such size, it was equipped with 2 clusters of MAG Wave 10 line array, each rig comprising 7 modules, and 4 MAG Sub H28 subwoofers, 2 cabinets on each side.  

3 modules of MAG Wasp were positioned along the stage as front-fill system. Side-fill was represented by 2 x MAG K 32A speakers to cover the area of actors’ performance, while MAG Focus 15 and MAG Focus Sub were placed either side of the unique musicians’ stage. Monitor line comprised 6 x MAG Focus 15 systems. 

The sound system was reinforced by 2 x Powersoft X8 and 1 x Powersoft M50Q

Technical support: Dneprshow company. 


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