WASP conquers the terraces of Kyiv roofs

WASP conquers the terraces of Kyiv roofs

WASP series is a contemporary MAG Audio line array system that continuously evolves and improves. This summer, we unveiled new subwoofers, flying frames, and presets that have taken sound quality and component compatibility to the highest level. MAG WASP is renowned for its reliability and durability, aligning perfectly with our home country's spirit. This is why you'll often find these in challenging installations and under extreme touring conditions.

Over the past few months, our WASP line array systems and Sting point source speakers have literally and figuratively ruled the roost as they delivered an excellent performance on several popular rooftops in Kyiv. One noteworthy project was the open terrace of the Gulliver Shopping and Entertainment Center on the 5th floor, which reverberated with live music throughout the summer and fall. The sound that echoed across the Sports Square forced people to look up. Neither the scorching sun nor the rain could hinder the performance of MAG Audio's systems.

To most effectively cover the expansive outdoor space, MAG deployed two ground stacks, each featuring 4 x WASP-8 tops and 3 x cardioid-configured WASP-S18 subs, complemented with 4 x STING 8 delay speakers. This system effortlessly handled a variety of events, from festivals and pop concerts to dance groups and symphonic orchestras.

We take immense pride in MAG Audio's unwavering commitment to innovation and pursuit of new heights, providing top-tier technical solutions. So, if you seek impeccable sound quality in any setting, don't hesitate to #TryMAG.


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