MAG WASP on Mayotte

MAG WASP on Mayotte

Mayotte is an overseas department of France, located in the western part of the Indian Ocean, between northern Mozambique and Madagascar. Geographically it belongs to the Comoros Islands. It’s here where — from 19 to 22 October 2022 — the Festival de Mayotte took place.

After a break due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the festival returned this year with the aim of promoting local artists while providing a joyful opportunity for the people of Mayotte to celebrate and be entertained by artists from the regional and international scene. This year's festival edition headlined the famous blind French singer, pianist and organist Gilbert Montagné and AliKiba — a Tanzanian musician, singer and composer.

The organization of the festival's search for the best possible sound system led to the WASP linear array from MAG Audio - a leading manufacturer of acoustic systems from Ukraine.

The equipment supplier for the Festival de Mayotte was CINEMANEXT France. The head of the sound department of GME - Michel Virapin shares his impressions as follows:

"Everyone was very satisfied with the sound of the MAG Audio system. At previous editions of the festival, we used L-Acoustics, but our new WASP speakers have provided continuity and offered a step up in precision and quality. Even Patrice, my sound engineer, was pleasantly surprised by the exceptional quality of the 'MAG' sound. The week before the festival he mixed on Meyer's, but the WASP configuration truly blew him away with its performance and also with its great audience coverage."

MAG's sound engineer Igor Sydorenko who supervised the system's initial launch:

“MAG's WASP once again proved its stability, reliability and ease of use. Although we were very limited in time, we managed to set up and calibrate the system on time. It only took a few hours. The results of the real-time measurements exactly matched the simulations in the EASE Focus software. The system provided extremely even coverage and an impressive SPL throughout the listening area, despite the system's fairly compact size."

The following MAG equipment was used:

✔️ 12 x MAG Audio WASP-8 T110

✔️ 12 x MAG Audio WASP-8 T70

✔️ 12 x MAG Audio WASP S12

✔️ 16 x MAG Audio Sub-H28


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