MAG Wasp on the River Mall terrace: final chord for the 2023 season

MAG Wasp on the River Mall terrace: final chord for the 2023 season

In a world where top-notch sound quality has become an essential component of our well-being and entertainment, MAG's pursuit of excellence remains unwavering. In this context, MAG Audio's modern line array, the WASP, emerges as an indispensable element in crafting your most memorable musical experiences.

This season, MAG's WASP has been instrumental in creating an unparalleled atmosphere, not only at its usual concert tours and corporate events but also at open-air concerts within the shopping and entertainment centers. The terraces of Kyiv's Gulliver Shopping and Entertainment Center (as featured in our previous coverage) and River Mall have evolved into popular venues for summer and autumn live music performances, spanning jazz, rock, classical, and pop music, performed by well-known orchestras.

A specially installed MAG Audio setup, comprising two ground stacks with 4 x WASP-8 tops and 3 x WASP-S18 subs on each side, and featuring 4 x STING-8 as delay speakers, has consistently demonstrated reliability and unwavering performance. Regardless of which external weather conditions it was exposed to. As the concert season at River Mall ended, we captured some memorable moments in a photo session, which we invite you to explore and revive with us.

These projects stand as shining examples of how MAG Audio's technologies transcend boundaries to create extraordinary conditions for performances, regardless of event scale. 


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