Birthday party at «Dream Town» mall with MAG Audio systems

Birthday party at «Dream Town» mall with MAG Audio systems

«Dream Town», one of the biggest shopping malls in Kyiv, Ukraine, celebrated its 8th birthday. On this day all the visitors had been offered a lot of activities — from raffle prizes to workshops and even quests. But the main event of the party became a music concert, where the sound was ensured by MAG Audio systems.

The main stage, which was placed at 3th floor of the venue, was equipped with MAG Wave line array. The whole sound system comprised 8 modules of MAG Wave 10 — passive acoustic systems based on two 10’’ transducers, and 12 x MAG Wave Sub 18 subwoofers based on 18’’ transducer. The amplification was provided by 2 x Powersoft X4 amplifiers. 

In the concert took part several Ukrainian top musicians, some of them already having worked with MAG Audio systems: MamaRika, KISHE, Arkadiy Voitiuk, Michelle Andrade and the headliner — “MOZGI” band, a renowned dancing and musical project. For the high-quality monitoring were responsible 4 stage monitors MAG Focus 15А

Side-fill systems were represented by 2 x MAG Fly 6 line array modules and 2 MAG Fly Sub 15 subwoofers. Out-fill and front-fill systems compraised 2 MAG Fly 6 modules each. 

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