MAG at the Fundraiser Concert at the Expocenter of Ukraine

MAG at the Fundraiser Concert at the Expocenter of Ukraine

On August 27, the Expocenter of Ukraine, widely known as VDNG, hosted a charitable concert dedicated to Independence Day. The event was organized by the Revived Soldiers Ukraine nonprofit organization. All concert proceeds will be used to help the wounded veterans and Next Step Ukraine rehabilitation center. The event featured the popular bands SKAI and Kozak systems, and special invited guest Yanina Sokolova — Ukrainian actress, journalist, TV-host and civic activist. The MAG Audio systems delivered sound at the charity evening.

The VDNG center regularly hosts various cultural events: international exhibitions, filming of high-rated television projects, gastronomic festivals and Kurazh Bazar — a monthly charity flea market gathering around 15,000 attendees. Besides, it’s exactly here that hundreds of thousands of music fans gather at the largest festival of Eastern Europe — Atlas Weekend, where one of the stages was equipped with the MAG speakers last year.

Among the many cultural and entertaining opportunities at VDNG, there’s also a concert hall with a capacity of 1200 seats. The pavilion #9 has been renovated as a modern concert hall in order to meet the technical requirements for elaborate 3D shows. The charity evening took place exactly in this concert-hall. 

MAG WASP was chosen as a main speaker system for PA. Thanks to the system’s scalability, you can achieve uniform sound coverage across the venue of any size by changing the number of modules. For this concert hall, 40 meters in length, it took 9 modules per side.

The low-frequency support was provided with, per side, 2 x MAG WASP-S18 flown, and 2 x MAG Sub H28.

This setup was enhanced with the newest addition to the MAG line of speakers — MAG STING. It's a multifunctional point-source system specially designed for a wide range of applications. In this case, 2 x MAG STING speakers have impeccably performed as front-fills. You can find out more about MAG STING after the official presentation, so stay tuned for the announcement on our website and social networks.

For the musicians’ additional comfort on stage, the technicians installed floor monitors — 8 x MAG Focus 15 and 2 x MAG Focus Sub. The entire sound system was powered by Powersoft amplifiers: 2 x Powersoft X8 and 2 x Powersoft T604.

Technical support for the event was provided by the Dneprshow rental company.

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