MAG WASP at the “Molodist” film festival

MAG WASP at the “Molodist” film festival

On August 22-30, the 49th Kyiv International Film Festival "Molodist" has traditionally gathered Ukrainian and international movie stars. The opening and awarding ceremonies were held at the People's Friendship Arch with a beautiful panoramic view of the Dnipro river. The festival stage was equipped with a MAG WASP line array.

Kyiv International Film Festival "Molodist", one of the largest film festivals in Eastern Europe according to the International Association of Film Producers FIAPF, has been held annually in Kyiv since 1970. This year's movie event was originally scheduled for May-June, but due to the COVID-19 outbreak, it took place in August.

In order to comply with the quarantine requirements, the opening and awarding ceremonies were held in an open area in the center of the Ukrainian capital, on the site behind the People's Friendship Arch monument. This decision only added a special charm to the event. An open tent was set up for guests next to a separate stage and the beautiful landscape perfectly complemented the aesthetics of the festival.

The main stage, as well as the entire sound system for the events, were designed and equipped by PROFI, a rental company known for its impeccable work on large super events (M1 Music Awards, Black Sea Games, Hit-Conveyor and others).

“The sound system for such events should provide high dynamics for speech, sound and video clips and movies. At the same time, it is necessary to provide an SPL headroom sufficient for a pop concert. Moreover, every VIP seat should have an equally flat frequency response and good speech intelligibility. That is why for the main stage we chose 20 MAG WASP modules (10 per side), complemented by 4 MAG Sub S18 woofer cabinets, as well as 8 dual 18 '' MAG Sub H28 subwoofers. For uniform coverage of the front rows, additional 4 MAG WASPs were installed on the stage as front-fills”— comments Dmitry Starikov, head of the sound department at PROFI.

To ensure speech intelligibility in all areas up to the last row, Dmitry chose 4 MAG Sting — 2x8 ”+ 1,5” systems with multifunctional mounts —and installed them on tent poles as delay systems. MAG Sting is a new addition to the MAG line, which was used before the official presentation to show its flawless operation in "combat conditions". To learn more about MAG STING, follow the announcements on our website and in social networks.

The entire sound system was connected to AmpRack - MAG Audio touring racks with 3-phase mains input, circuit breaker mains protection, analog, digital and networking routing, speaker outputs and Powersoft amplifiers. Located in sound engineer booth MAG AmpRack 1X8 was driving delay Sting system, and received AES3 signal from the mixing console. Then signal went via Dante to two MAG AmpRack 2x8 under the stage, powering the main FOH line array, subwoofers and front-fills. This connection was made directly between Powersoft X8 amplifiers providing 8 Dante inputs and outputs.

At the opening ceremony of the festival, the Minister of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine Alexander Tkachenko made a welcoming speech. The evening continued with a magnificent mini-concert by Pianoboy (Ukrainian composer and singer Dmitry Shurov).

On the closing ceremony on August 29th, jury have announced winners for competition programs: “Identifying Features”, Fernanda Valadez, Spain, “Kuessipan”, Myriam Verreault, Canada, “Hideout”, Oksana Voitenko, Ukraine, “H Is for Happiness”, John Sheedy, Australia, “Dry Wind”, Daniel Nolasco, Brazil, and other awards and diplomas. The culmination of the closing ceremony was the performance of the Ukrainian singer Zlata Ognevich.


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