MAG AUDIO at Kyiv Food Market

MAG AUDIO at Kyiv Food Market

Kyiv Food Market, one of the city’s top gastronomic locations, reopens today after quarantine. Founded last September, this venue has quickly gotten the highest ranks due to its special gourmet concept. Now it makes a big comeback renovated with MAG Audio loudspeakers.

Kyiv Food Market is a new concept of food service in Ukraine. At first glance, the venue appears to be a street food market offering fast service and a big variety of food choices. But at the same time, it delivers a high level of dining experience with exquisite dishes from the finest restaurants in Kyiv.

Every restaurant of Kyiv Food Market stands for a different type of cuisine and offers a simplified menu with just a few signature dishes. French, Israelian, Ukrainian or Italian cuisine, steakhouse or vegetarian food — you can try a little of everything under one roof!

Kyiv Food Market is also a hotspot for large themed parties, special dinners and masterclasses from the well-known chefs. Thus, professional audio solution for this place is a must. In order to make everything sound as designed, MAG Audio created the following configuration for KFM.

It took 32 loudspeakers to deliver sound at the 550 seater venue. As Kyiv Food Market occupies two floors, the loudspeakers were placed in two layers. 

The first floor, where most of the restaurants are located, was equipped with 10 black colored MAG AIR-82

On the second floor there is an open kitchen intended for masterclasses and pop-up restaurants. The second layer of speakers consists of 14 white colored MAG AIR-82, which allowed their integration into the interior.

8 x MAG Sub H18  were suspended from the ceiling for low frequencies.

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