New MAG Hornet 12 installation in Ukraine

New MAG Hornet 12 installation in Ukraine

A big shopping mall “Promin” has recently opened in Lutsk, Ukraine, after a renovation. Now it is a modern plaza with dozens of stores, restaurants and cafes and other entertainment venues, among them — a new 5-room “Multiplex” cinema, equipped with MAG Cinema acoustic systems.

But one of the noteworthy sites of the mall is a large modern concert hall. It’s peculiarly interesting, as it is situated in one of the cinema rooms of “Multiplex” and therefore combines both features of a music and a cinema hall. For all the performances and music events that take place here, a powerful sound system has been installed, featuring the MAG Hornet 12 line array.

The concert hall in “Promin” is a second installation of MAG Hornet 12 line array in Ukraine. The venue accommodates 769 visitors, and for the moments it’s the biggest and the most modern hall in the city. It’s a two-storey room with both stalls and balconies, which are both used during concerts, unlike during the film screening.

On the preliminary stage of designing the installation, the choice fell on MAG Hornet 12 line array. In order to calculate all the acoustic features of the room and consider if the chosen system fits them, first of all we’ve created 3D model of the hall with the help of EASE 4.3. software.

3D model of the hall created in EASE 4.3

The indices of the main parameters of the calculation confirm that the chosen configuration provides uniform pressure distribution at different the frequencies and also allow achieving the optimal speech transmission index.

Mapping of the uniformity of sound pressure at 1000 Hz

Mapping of the uniformity of sound pressure at 10000 Hz

Mapping of the speech transmission level

The PA system comprises two hangs of MAG Hornet 12 line array, 6 pcs each side, while the low-end support is being provided by 8 MAG Hornet Sub 18 subwoofers. Being passive systems, both line array modules and subwoofers are powered by the products of Powersoft X-series. With the help of this digital amplifiers, the sound system can be easily fine-tuned and adapted to acoustic features of the room.

There are also 4 modules of MAG Fly 6 line array with fixed vertical disclosure angle installed as a delay line. It ensures the sound pressure is being distributed uniformly all over the room, providing comfort to the visitors both in the stalls and balconies.

The monitor line is represented by active MAG Focus 15А systems, needed to create an independent sound balance on the stage.

Since the concert hall has been opened, it already has hosted several events: the concert of Pianoboy with the chamber orchestra, the performance of TIK music band, the comedy show “Liha Smeha” (eng. “League of the Laughter”) and the performance of the theatrical studio of improvisation “Chorniy Kvadrat” (eng. “Black Square”). The concert program gathers pace, while in free-of-events time the hall works as a cinema room.

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