MAG Audio at the bare knuckle fight Mahatch

MAG Audio at the bare knuckle fight Mahatch

On July 24, the 6th season of the Mahatch fist fighting league took place at the Palace of Sports in Kyiv. Mahatch is a new Ukrainian platform for bare-fisted fights, where everyone can try their hand — novice fighters or rising stars, professional boxers or MMA champions. MAG Audio loudspeakers delivered sound at the event.

This championship is for fighters with different weight categories and sporting achievements. The last season included 4 undercard fights with the main encounter — the fight between Denis Berinchik, current WBO intercontinental boxing champion, and Artem Lobov, MMA fighter known as the “rus hammer”.

The atmosphere in the Palace of Sports was reminiscent of the 20th century underground fights in America — the sawdust bags were used for the impromptu fighting ring while the dim light brought a touch of mystery. Berinchik's spectacular appearance intensified the entire entourage: this time, the master of creative and outrageous entries emerged at the sound of a violin as a gangster accompanied by two gunmen.

The fight itself, which lasted four rounds, was no less spectacular. The fight ended with the win of the Ukrainian fighter Berinchik, Lobov did not make it to the fifth round.

The modern "gladiators’" fight has pleased the audience with an extraordinarily entertaining show. Many visitors noted the high level of the sports organization by Mahatch. As for the technical support, it was provided by the Dneprshow company. For delivering sound at this sports venue, the technical team has opted for MAG Audio loudspeakers.


The mid-format line array MAG Hornet was used for the main sound — 12 per side. The three-way MAG Hornet is capable of delivering an impressive 144 dB per cabinet, making it one of the most powerful arrays in its class. Thanks to an elaborate suspension system, the Hornet is quick and easy to assemble and easy to transport. Low frequency support was provided by 6 x MAG Sub H28 per side. A compact line array MAG WASP was used as outfills — on the 5th side.

Behind the main portal system, there is a VIP zone, which was voiced using 4 x WASP per side. The versatile, highly scalable WASP is great for infills, outfills and sadfills: thanks to its variable horizontal directionality, it can be easily switched to near or far field service.

4 x MAG Focus 5 monitors were installed at the zone with judges.

Also at the event there was a bar area where a set of 1 x MAG STING and 1 x MAG WASP-S18 per side were used. The compact, versatile point-source system MAG STING has many options for installation: on a stand, as an out- or side-fill, or as a permanent installation system thanks to the replaceable swivel horn 110° x 40° or 70° x 40°.

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