10th Leopolis Jazz Fest 2021 / MAG WASP

10th Leopolis Jazz Fest 2021 / MAG WASP

Leopolis Jazz Fest is an international open air jazz music festival that takes place in Lviv (Ukraine) every summer. According to “The Guardian”, it’s one of the best jazz festivals in Europe. This year, the festival was held for the tenth time, from June 24th to 28th. The event has brought together about 200 musicians from 18 countries of the world, who performed on several stages. We, MAG Audio, didn’t miss out on this holiday of music as well.

The festival annually brings together legends of world jazz, and this year was no exception. Among the performers on the stages of Leopolis Jazz Fest 2021 were the winner of four Grammy awards — Seal, American musicians Chris Botti and Kamasi Washington, Israeli contrabass player Avishai Cohen, Swedish jazz pianist Jan Lundgren and many others. This year at the festival Ukraine was represented by singers Pianoboy and Jamala.

One of the most highly anticipated was the performance of a virtuoso trumpeter and composer, a representative of the famous musical dynasty — Wynton Marsalis, who is also the leader of the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra. The artist's artistic legacy includes more than 60 jazz recordings, which brought him 9 Grammy awards. This year at the festival, he won the Eddie Rosner Leopolis Jazz Music Awards as well.

The large-scale festival took place on three stages in different locations of the city:

  • the stage of Eddie Rosner in Khmelnytsky Park;
  • the stage in Rynok Square in the center of Lviv;
  • the stage near the Potocki palace.

The stage near the Potocki Palace in the historical part of the city was equipped with the MAG WASP line array. 5 modules per side were used as PA. Subwoofers of the same series ensured perfect compatibility and consistency — 3 x MAG WASP-S18 per side.

“On stage, all the artists as well as the listeners were satisfied with the quality of sound system reproduction. The most sophisticated jazz performers have noted the fidelity of reproduction and the natural sound of musical instruments. The music sounded as intended,” — comments on the use of MAG WASP Sergey Dotsenko, head of the sound department at ARTMAX rental company.

Also, in the park of Khmelnytsky several more zones were equipped with MAG Audio systems. In particular, MAG WASP was used to provide sound for the screen at the 'Staropramen' zone. The ‘Cosmolot’ zone also broadcasted the performances of the musicians, here 8 MAG Fly tops and 4 MAG Fly Sub 215 were used.

As for the VIP zone, here was installed the newest versatile point-source system MAG STING. Thanks to its high sensitivity and power, only one of them was needed on each side. For low frequency support, 2 x MAG WASP-S18 subwoofers were used per side.

“Only one point-source system was able to provide uniform coverage with unique quality for a small audience in front of the screen. Thus, with minimal effort, we achieved the maximum result — with the help of MAG STING,” comments Sergey.

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