MAG STING and WASP at the main New Year’s concert of Ukraine

MAG STING and WASP at the main New Year’s concert of Ukraine

It is a tradition of most popular Ukrainian pop-artists to gather on the New Year’s Eve for the gala concert to send their wishes to Ukrainian people. Although this year’s event was filmed without any audience due to limitations, performers did rock the place nevertheless and delivered unforgettable emotions for the entire year to its TV-viewers. MAG STING and MAG WASP assisted them in this task.

On the grand stage of the show "Novorichna Nich" ("The New Year's Eve") on the "Ukraine" TV channel,  the best artists of the country performed 35 songs, and amazed TV viewers with the scale and originality of their performances. Ukrainian top stars rocked the stage on New Year's Eve, among which were NK | Nastya Kamenskikh, Oleg Vynnyk, MONATIK, Verka Serduchka & Band, DOROFEEVA, Max Barskikh, Natalia Mogilevska, the bands "MOZGI", "DZIDZIO" and many others.

The stage was set up at the St. Michael's Square in the center of Kyiv. The round structure used lots of video screens along with intensive lighting, smoke and fire effects. As the concert was not attended by listeners, there was no need for a primary FOH sound system. Still it was necessary to create comfort for performers, who are used to working beside a powerful full scale sound system. The same sound experience was necessary for sound engineers and technicians in the sound booth.

Technical support for the event — stage, screens, lighting and sound equipment — was provided by our strategic partners PROFI. Dmitry Starikov, chief engineer — head of the sound department at company, explains the sound solution in details:

We have set up several lighting and screen towers at the sides of the main stage. To create a necessary sound experience on the stage, we had to install several compact yet highly powerful side-fill systems in a tight space between screen and other devices on these towers. As a solution, we have offered 4 clusters of 2x MAG STING. The choice was obvious: MAG STING is the only system in its class that has enough power headroom, providing focused sound to deliver a long throw, and because of its size we were able to insert it right into space between screen and tower’s beams. We have used MAG ST8-HA flying adapters to hook up the system, and MAG ST8-LNK between cabinets allowed us to choose the necessary splay angle.


Additionally, we have set up a MAG WASP line array for sound engineer’s booth monitoring: 2 ground stacks of 3x MAG WASP + 2x MAG WASP-S18. The MAG WASP line array is highly scalable, and it can be used successfully in small as well as in big configurations. It was very comfortable for the artists’ technicians and sound engineers to work with familiar large FOH sound experience.

The entire sound system was driven by MAG AmpRack — turn-key rental racks based on Powersoft amplifiers.

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