MAG Audio at the Gadyukin Brothers Concert

MAG Audio at the Gadyukin Brothers Concert

On August 23rd, due to the National Flag holiday in Ukraine, the legendary Ukrainian rock-band Gadyukin brothers (Braty Gadyukiny) gave a concert in Lviv city. Strictly complying with all quarantine requirements, the rockers performed at Ploshcha Rynok (Market Square) — the historical center of Lviv and its popular place of interest. Sound at the concert was provided by the MAG WASP line array.

“We wanted to come to Lviv with the message “Vsjo Chotko” (“Everything is Cool”). Yes, there’s a quarantine, but those are new realities in which we all need to learn to live. We know that Lviv can organize a safe concert, and we want to show how the touristic Lviv has adapted to it, and how hotels and restaurants take care to provide a safe environment”, comments Igor Melnychuk, bass player, singer, and the original member of the lineup.

The ArtMax Engineering rental company was hired to provide sound at the concert.

“The Market Square is surrounded by the houses on all sides, so it was important for us to position the sound accurately: we needed to cover the square with high quality sound and prevent reflections from the walls”, comments Sergii Dotsenko, sound engineer at ArtMax Engineering.

Sergii picked a MAG WASP line array as the main sound system.

“We installed 9 x MAG WASP on each side and added 4 x MAG Sub H25 subwoofers on each side. To reduce the pressure from the subwoofers on the stage, we connected them in a 3+1 cardioid configuration. For the musicians, we put the powered MAG VerA IV set as side-fills”.

The MAG WASP line array is available in two versions: with 110° and 70° horizontal dispersion. Moreover, you can change the dispersion of existing modules by replacing the original JD-Lens horn cover, available as a separate accessory. Thanks to this, users can more accurately control the sound coverage for the line array near/far zone, or pinpoint front-fill or side-fill zones.

The main sound system was driven by Powersoft K series amplifiers. The signal from the main console was fed via the digital AES protocol.

The Gadyukin Brothers set the square on fire with a powerful show and famous hits. It’s nice to see that Lviv continues to entertain its citizens with concerts and art-events, setting the perfect example of cultural life organization in the world of today.

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