MAG Audio systems for 3 stages of Stud-X Fest

MAG Audio systems for 3 stages of Stud-X Fest

Stud-X Fest is a large-scale event held in Pochayna Event Hall - one of the biggest venues in Kyiv. There were 3 stages deployed - Main Stage, Techno Stage and R’n’B stage, with the best Dj sets played all night long and the unforgettable performance of the headliner band АГОНЬ at the main stage.

To cover the venue, a whole arsenal of MAG Audio systems was used: 3 different line arrays, Subwoofer series' cabinets, stage monitors and compact plug-n-play sets.

Main Stage of Stud-X Fest

Main Stage

Main Stage is the biggest location, which accommodates up to 3500 people. To cover such area, a highly efficient and powerful sound system is needed, that is why the PA set-up at the stage comprised MAG Hornet 12 - a medium-format line array based on 2x12'' woofers. The main hangs consisted of 8 x MAG Hornet 12 modules, while the low-end was handled by 12 x MAG Sub H28 systems.

The main PA featured enough headroom and, working far from its limit, provided sufficient pressure. All the system was powered by Powersoft.

PA system: 16 х MAG Hornet 12

Low-end support: 12 х MAG Sub H28

4 x MAG Wasp systems were installed for front fill, covering the near field in front of the stage. Side-fills were represented by powered MAG VerA IV set, while the out-fills were configured with one more MAG VerA IV system. 2 coaxial MAG Focus 15A systems were deployed as stage monitors.

Headliner AGON performing at the Main Stage

Headliner AGON performing at the Main Stage

Delay line, which is a must-have in such a large hall, comprised 2 hangs of MAG Wasp line array, 6 tops each, as well as 3 x MAG Sub H12 subwoofers, set up in a cardioid array per side. Delay line, as well as the main PA, was powered by Powersoft.

Delay line: 12 х MAG Wasp, 6 x MAG Sub H12, powered by Powersoft

Techno Stage

This stage is able to accommodate up to 1500 people. To cover the whole area evenly, there were deployed 8 x MAG Fly 6 and 10 x MAG Fly Sub 15 systems throughout the room. Since the tops, as well as the subwoofers are powered systems, there was no need in an external amplifier, which made the system deployment significantly easier.   

Stage monitoring was supported by MAG Focus 15A powered system.

R’n’B stage

A small one in comparison with the Main Stage and the Techno Stage, this location has been reinforced by a powered set of 4 x MAG Fly 6 and 4 x MAG Fly Sub 18. Despite its compact size, the set demonstrated incredible capacity measure, proving once again that its size/efficiency ratio is optimal.

Monitoring was presented by MAG Focus 15A powered system.

PA system at R'n'B Stage: 4 х MAG Fly 6, 4 x MAG Fly Sub 18

PA system at R'n'B Stage: 4 х MAG Fly 6, 4 x MAG Fly Sub 18

Technical support: Grande Rent.

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