Performance of Druga Rika with MAG Wasp: experience and feedback

Performance of Druga Rika with MAG Wasp: experience and feedback

MAG Wasp is still quite a newcomer in MAG Audio’s line array series. Half a year ago the system was represented at the Prolight+Sound 2018 in Frankfurt, after which it was claimed to “won the clap-o-meter against other brands presented in the “Messe Loud Zone” in a review of a French magazine Sound Light Up, while MAG Audio’s team received a lot of positive feedback about MAG Wasp from the exhibition visitors and guests.  

Later on, the product was represented in Ukraine, and now the local sound professionals keep on getting to know the line array better. Recently MAG Wasp demonstrated its capabilities during a concert of Ukrainian well-known music band «Druga Rika».

Both of the main hangs of the sound system comprised 12 MAG Wasp modules. The system was also configured with 2 hangs of 3-each MAG Sub H12 subwoofers, which provided the uniformity of the low-frequency sound field not only in the near field, but at a longer distance as well.

A serious LF support was supplied by 12 subwoofers MAG Sub H28, monoclustered along the stage. Monitoring was provided by 2 coaxial MAG Focus 15A systems.

The main sound system was powered by Powersoft products.


Druga Rika, the headliner of the concert, already has experience of working with MAG Audio systems, but with new line array particularly – it’s the first time. 

Zurab Rogava, band’s FOH, commented on this experience of working with MAG Wasp:

It’s not the first time I work with MAG. The company has been in the market for a long time, and me – in the show business, so I can boldly state that recently the company’s reached a new level – the product and the service. The moment, when a Ukrainian manufacturer can be looked up to and classed with well-known leaders of sound industry, has come. What’s more – the pricing allows to choose a set that meets any scale – from compact to grand ones. 
Recently I worked with MAG Audio during an open-air with MAG Wasp deployed at the stage. In general, I liked the line array – for its compact size and the sound as well. I didn’t have time to play with the system, but MAG team tuned it very well. I suppose I’ll have a chance to get to know it better in future. The first impression is quite nice, a claim to success, so to speak ;)

So if you already have heard of MAG Wasp, but still haven’t listened to it – don’t hesitate to visit MAG Audio showroom.

Our special thanks to Zurab for the feedback shared.

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