MAG Wasp line array at Leopolis Jazz Fest

MAG Wasp line array at Leopolis Jazz Fest

Leopolis Jazz Fest, known before as Alfa Jazz Fest, is an international open-air festival, which annually takes place in Lviv, Ukraine since 2011. Tens of different jazz musicians from all over the world come to participate in Leopolis Jazz Fest, with its audience numbering in tens of thousands.

It’s not the first time MAG Audio systems happen to be a part of Leopolis Jazz Fest, and this year one of the festival’s stages was equipped with the new prodct - MAG Wasp line array.

Leopolis Jazz Fest is among the largest jazz events in Ukraine, as well as in Europe: according to The Guardian, it is one of the top-10 European jazz festivals. This year festival comprised 3 stages, while numerous locations for different performances opened throughout the city.

Stage where MAG wasp line array was deployed as the main PA, was situated in the historical part of Lviv, near Pototsky Palace. Each of r/l hangs comprised 5 modules of MAG Wasp line array, 1 MAG Sub H12 and 3 MAG Sub 200.

The stage equipped with MAG Wasp line array held performances of Mathias Heise Quadrillion (DK), New Brain Trio (UA), Luca Ciarla (IT), #LT100 (LT), Dock In Absolute (LX), Bria Blessing / Брія Блессінг & ShockolaD (UA-US-PL), Dark Side Trio (UA), Alexey Bogolyubov Trio (UA).

Sound engineers of Artmax Engineering, a rental company responsible for the stage at Pototsky Palace, shared their impressions of working with MAG Wasp line array:

Bohdan Bobeliak:

«Good disclosure, if spectators sat a meter father, in-fills wouldn’t be needed. Well-expressed low midrange; sound pressure appears to be great at high volume levels (with minimal distortions), although there was no need in high volume, taking into consideration festival´s genre, but I checked it during sound checks. A set of 5 tops + 1 kick + 3 subs per side fully covered the area, almost uniformly. Impressions are positive only: Wasp along with professional musicians result in pleased performers, amused spectators and, consequently, a satisfied sound engineer.

Sergey Dotsenko:

MAG Wasp line array was used as the main PA system at one of the stages of Leopolis Jazz Fest. Working during all 4 days of with musicians from all over the world, the system proved to be a high-level one. Worth mentioning low non-linear distortion factor and absolutely linear frequency response, which let the musicians bring the sound they have in mind to the audience, which is particularly important for jazz performers. Everyone noticed uniform coverage, which as well was appreciated by the festival´s organizers. So no one left without hearing high-quality sound of favorite musicians.

Technical support: Artmax Engineering.

P.S. Our special thanks go to Sergey and Bohdan for taking their time and sharing impressions.

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