MAG WASP on Guard of the Law in Turkey

MAG WASP on Guard of the Law in Turkey

The most advanced Police Vocational High School in Akyurt, Ankara, sets a new standard for law enforcement training. With a project started back in 2006, this school was meant to become a center of police education for the entire Turkey. Its multi-purpose Conference Hall accommodating 1100 people has been equipped with MAG WASP and Z series systems.

Turkey's largest Police Vocational High School is located in Akyurt, an industrial district 30 km north from the center of Ankara. The remarkable curvy design of its campus reminds of the sci-fi future movies, and visibly indicates the adoption of contemporary approaches to police doctrine and training.

With a capacity of 2000 students and total campus area of 87000 sq. m, Akyurt Police Vocational High School provides all the facilities for first-class education and training: classroom blocks, dormitories, 2 indoor sport halls, 20 outdoor and indoor shooting ranges, outdoor sports areas, a 3,000-seater stadium and a social activity amphitheater.

Campus also includes a modern conference hall for 1,100 people, equipped with all the necessary equipment for lectures, conferences, presentations, concerts and entertainment events. The hall is equipped with the latest smart technologies: sound mixer, lighting and video projector can be remotely controlled from a tablet. Tera Elektronik, the company that installed multimedia, has chosen MAG Audio systems to do the job.

Resaran Balikcioglu, the executive director and co-owner of Tera Elektronik, shares the installation details:

The hall is rather wide, and is primarily used for lectures. Each seating has to be provided with exceptional speech intelligibility. On the other hand, the hall can be used for ceremonies and concerts, so the sound system must have considerable SPL headroom to deliver a punch when it’s needed.

We have put 6 x MAG WASP + 1 x MAG WASP-S12 per side and 3 x MAG WASP in the center of a truss above the stage. For main subwoofers we chose two powered MAG Sub 28A. Finally, the stage monitoring was covered by 6 x MAG Z 350A powered speakers.

Installation was finished in August, and the conference hall is now ready to provide its services to law keepers from all over Turkey.

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