Sound for Boho restaurant: pleasures as a Cult

Sound for Boho restaurant: pleasures as a Cult

In Boho restaurant (Kyiv, Ukraine) it is considered that pleasures should be a cultish devotion. Pan-Asian cuisine leaves space for exotic experiments with flavours, while all the sound experiments can be brought to life with the help of MAG Audio systems’ capabilities.

In Boho’s menu — best dishes from Japan, China, Thailand and India, and after you enjoyed culinary delights, it’s time to dive into delicate music atmosphere. The restaurant features special area — Vocal bar, where guests listen, watch or create the show.

Sound in karaoke hall is ensured by 2 clusters of MAG Fly 6 line array, each of them comprising 2 modules based on 4 x 6’’ LF drivers, and 1 active subwoofer MAG Fly Sub 12, based on 2x 12’’ LF drivers. The main low-end support in Vocal bar is provided by 2x MAG Fly Sub 15, with 2 x 15’’ LF drivers in its heart.

One more restaurant hall, where live performances and dj-sets usually take place, is equipped with MAG Vera IV, active plug’n’play set, formed by 2 satellites (4 x 6’’) and 2 subwoofers (15’’).

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