MAG Focus 5 at the Live Charity Music Marathon "Brave Heart"

MAG Focus 5 at the Live Charity Music Marathon "Brave Heart"

On May 23, M1 TV channel broadcasted a charity music marathon "Brave Heart" (“Сміливе серце”), where MAG Audio acoustics were used. The purpose of the event was to raise funds for the purchase of personal protective equipment and clothing for doctors fighting COVID-19.

Thanks to sign language translation, people with hearing impairments were also able to hear and watch the online concert.

The performers at the event were well-known Ukrainian rock bands and winners of various music awards Boombox and Druga Rika, and also popular hip-hop musician Alina Pash. As for the MAG Audio equipment, 6 x MAG Focus 5 were used for on-stage monitoring. 

The next charity concert, where the performers will be Nikita Lomakin, alyona alyona, Alekseev and Max Barskih, will be broadcasted on M1 TV channel, on May 30, at 19:00.

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