MAG Z series in the sport complex “Equator”

MAG Z series in the sport complex “Equator”

The sports complex "Equator" is the main training base for physical training of the MFC “Mykolaiv”. In addition, this is the first multifunctional training base for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Ukraine. For exercise, a huge hall with an area of ​​more than 700 square meters was designed.

But in addition to training, the sports complex is also meant for hosting all-Ukrainian training camps, seminars, conferences and competitions. Therefore, the unique gym provides a conference room, a cafe and even a hostel for 50 people.

The sports complex occupies an area of 1500 sq. meters. There is a spacious gym with fitness equipment, a crossfit area (bicycles, balls, a cardio area) and a mini-football and basketball hall. The location was equipped with the MAG Audio systems.

This project was implemented by the team from the installation department of the “Muzichny Svit” store (“The Musical World”). They opted for the Z Series systems, which combine precise control of sound coverage with the convenience of mounting thanks to the wide range of accessories.

The room for group training implies dynamic music that sets the tone for your workouts. Therefore, a set of four MAG Z 350 tops and two Sub MAG Z 318 subwoofers was applied here. The sound-absorbing cover of the walls and ceiling also contributes to the collected sound here.

In the basketball hall, there’s much less acoustical coverage, so the speech clarity and intelligibility come to the fore here. But the Z series systems have perfectly coped with this task as well. Here, only tops were used — 4 x MAG Z 320 on the lower tier, directed to the field, and another 2 x MAG Z 320 — on the balcony.

This is how Igor Kruglikov, the manager of the installation department of the “Muzychyi Svit” store, explains the choice of systems:

The team of the “Musical World ” shop is very pleased with the long-term cooperation with MAG Audio. Always high-quality equipment, new technologies integration, a five-year warranty and fast service. We’d like to express our gratitude for the training sessions, presentations and flexible marketing approach. The speaker systems of this brand sound very intelligible, detailed with high sound pressure. The wide range of mounting accessories makes it possible to fix acoustic systems in any space. Very reliable with a unique European design!

We are grateful to "Musical World" for such a review and we wish them implementation of new successful projects!

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