NX series advances on the fixed installations market

NX series advances on the fixed installations market

With installation applications occupying ever growing share of the professional speaker market, NX series accepts the challenge by rolling out new models. Now, NX loudspeakers can blend seamlessly into the interior, and withstand unfavourable weather conditions in exterior setups.

The NX series now includes installation audio systems with IP54-rated weather resistance. Such equipment is ready for use in outdoor theme parks, stadiums, open-air arenas, and other challenging environments. The visual design options are extended as well — all NX systems are now available in white color.

Together with numerous mounting accessories, this manifests the cutting-edge of installation versatility while minimizing visual speaker footprint.

Here are several cases that perfectly demonstrate how the benefits of NX series work for modern installation projects.

Precise coverage control

Podium Zuidhaege — is a popular venue for art and culture events in Assen (Northern Netherlands). The hexagonal shape — is quite a challenge. Especially considering that the sound system needed to be “one with better coverage, better gain before feedback, better intelligibility”, as stated by Robert Witt, sound technician at Podium Zuidhaege.

Mounted to the ceiling, MAG NX 12 nailed it with precise coverage control and low-distortion components. Loudspeakers were coupled with MAG LNX12 rotation brackets, achieving complete positioning freedom with 360° rotation and 90° tilt. Find out more about the installation at Podium Zuidhaege.


Another demanding NX series installation required usage of recently added IP54 weather-resistant versions. The all-new ice hockey and ice skating arena “Kovzanka” required a highly intelligible sound solution for announcements, background music and emergency public address. Also, loudspeakers must be able to endure the cold and moist microclimate at the arena.

MAG NX 15 IP entered the picture seamlessly. Flown from the ceiling with MAG HNX15 and MAG ANX adapters, fifteen cabinets cover the entire rink and the stands. And the features like water-repellant grill and magnetic systems treated with extra anti corrosion layers ensure years of failsafe operation in a fierce environment. Read more about how weather-resistant NX benefits arena “Kovzanka”.

White color option

Terra is an educational chain consisting of 12 locations in northern Netherlands. Its schools and colleges offer learning programmes with “green character”.

Its branch in Emmen required the cutting-edge sound system for important announcements and background music in the main hall. To drive maximum sonic performance per watt of power consumed, the installers used two white MAG NX 10 systems along with Powersoft Mezzo amplifiers. MAG HNX12 horizontal U-brackets provided pan and tilt options, which allowed to position the loudspeakers as close to the ceiling as possible, blending it perfectly with the interior design. Find out more about the installation in Terra Emmen.

Jack of all trades

The NX series is a power to be reckoned with in mobile setups, but thanks to great punch and perfect positioning, it is a total win in fixed installations as well. Due to the wide accessory range the sound can be put right where it belongs, and if needed, placed where it’s not seen. Find out more about the benefits of NX series.

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