Weather-Resistant NX 15 IP from MAG Audio for the Ice Rink in Kramatorsk (Ukraine)

Weather-Resistant NX 15 IP from MAG Audio for the Ice Rink in Kramatorsk (Ukraine)

The ice arena “Kovzanka” equipped with MAG Audio sound equipment was opened in Kramatorsk (Donetsk region, Ukraine). This is the first infrastructure facility built in the city from scratch in the last 30 years. The construction lasted for 4 years and finally, the arena opened at the end of September, welcoming professional sportsmen, amateurs and spectators.

The new sports facility became the home arena of the ‘Kramatorsk’ hockey club, that plays in the Ukrainian Hockey League. This object was built using modern technologies in accordance with European standards. ​​The arena occupies an area of 1800 sq. meters, and the stands can accommodate up to 430 people.

The arena required a highly intelligible system for announcements, background music and emergency messages. In addition, loudspeakers should withstand constant cold and damp, typical of ice rinks. Therefore, the technicians from LUXPRO installation company opted for the loudspeakers from the weather-resistant MAG Audio range with weather protection IP54.

To deliver sound at the ice rink, it took 15 x MAG NX 15 IP — passive installation systems based on 15" + 1.5" speakers. These versatile speaker systems have excellent intelligibility and impactful bottom — so they are well suited for announcements and background music.

5 pairs were flown horizontally along the central axis of the hall using the MAG HNX15 horizontal bracket. Another 5 were placed vertically above the stands using MAG ANX15 flying adapter.

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