MAG Audio and Green Technologies: the College of Future Terra Emmen in the Netherlands

MAG Audio and Green Technologies: the College of Future Terra Emmen in the Netherlands

Terra is a highly-rated school chain in northern Netherlands with “green character” and main focus on sustainability. This is where green philosophy and technology come together — the school offers education in the fields of agriculture, farming, gardening and natural environment, and all this in combination with an innovative approach to teaching. The chain consists of 12 branches, and one of them, the recently opened Terra Emmen, has been equipped with the state-of-the-art acoustics from MAG Audio.

After nearly three years of demolition and construction works, the new Terra Emmen building opened at the beginning of this school year. It’s a modern school, providing both secondary and vocational education to students.

One of the most important places for meetings at school is the central hall, which is also a canteen. Also, this place is often used for presentations, which is why it needs a high-quality sound system.

One of the requirements for this venue was a low-impact PA system that would not affect the architecture of the new building. For this reason, the installation company MMсoncept opted for two white-colored MAG NX10s to seamlessly integrate them into interior design, whilst MAG HNX12 horizontal U-brackets’ pan and tilt options allowed to position speakers as close to the ceiling as possible.

“For the size of the central hall, and the purpose of the installation (announcements and presentations), it was necessary to provide the PA system with enough SPL”, comments Mark Molema, CEO at MMconcept. “With more than impressive specifications of MAG NX10, we believe we found a multi-purpose full-range speaker with exceptional speech intelligibility, even beyond 25 meters. This eliminates the need for delay systems, and the entire audience of 300+ people can hear every announcement clearly. On top of that, the system also has incredible gain-before-feedback specifications.”

“Besides the unique specifications of MAG NX10 loudspeaker, one of the most critical features is the ability to rotate the horn. So the speaker cabinet can be placed horizontally without the loss of coverage. And thanks to the unique way the LF and HF driver are matched to each other, we got exceptional even coverage throughout the entire venue,” added Mark.


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