The Revival of Musical Traditions with MAG Audio

The Revival of Musical Traditions with MAG Audio

The Republican Gymnasium-College at the Belarusian State Academy of Music in Minsk is a true center of musical talents among children from all over Belarus. After undergoing major renovations this summer, the only musical gymnasium-college in the republic has been completely revitalized. Now, it has new musical instruments, its own recording studio and new MAG Audio loudspeakers in the biggest concert hall. 

The college-gymnasium, better known as the Republican College of Music, is by far the most popular school among children with musical talent from all over Belarus. The college has graduated a whole pleiad of conductors, musicians and composers. Most of them become laureates of prestigious competitions, after which they easily get jobs in the best philharmonics and opera houses around the world. This fall, the school celebrated its 85th anniversary.

For a long time, the college building, a 300-year-old architectural monument, had been in high need of restoration. And when it finally came to renovation works, not only the repairs were covered, but also professional technical equipment. In particular, high-quality sound design.

“So that the acoustics in our large concert hall be appropriate. It’s very important”, says teacher Vladimir Perlin, cellist, conductor, Honored Artist of the Republic of Belarus.

The gymnasium-college has a lot more room for creativity now — it has a new choir hall, classes for individual lessons and its own recording studio. But a real highlight of the college is the renovated concert hall that once hosted the performances of the legendary pianist Svyatoslav Richter, Grammy winner Yuri Bashmet and French pop diva Patricia Kaas. This concert hall is now equipped with MAG Audio acoustic systems.

2 x MAG NX 15 were deployed for the main sound. This wide-range system helps to achieve low distortion, which contributes to an authentic acoustic listening experience. In addition, the system provides good control over the coverage, which makes it possible to deliver sound to the seats without unnecessary reflections.

For low frequency support, 2 x MAG Sub 18 were installed. The subwoofer has big headroom, which is important for classical and chamber music with its high dynamic range.

Large instrumental orchestras and ensembles often rehearse and play in this hall, so 4 full-range MAG NX 10s are used here to provide powerful monitoring on stage.

Another 2 x MAG NX 10 and 2 x MAG Sub 18 are used as side-fills.

In the future, this concert hall is planned to be used for concerts and events of national importance.

The college takes great pride in the achievements of its students and all the teaching team is anticipating to get even more awards with new technical capabilities.

“If in our entire history we already have more than 2,000 laureates of international competitions, then I think this complex, which was made for us, will significantly increase a number of winnings at international contests and festivals,” says the College Principal Alexander Polyakov.

The installation was implemented by Kraftwerk Trade.

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