Sound of Victory: MAG Audio Systems at “Kolos” Stadium

Sound of Victory: MAG Audio Systems at “Kolos” Stadium

The renovated stadium of FC Kolos, playing in the Ukrainian Premier League, opened in Kovalivka at the beginning of September. The stadium now meets the requirements of the third class of UEFA standards, one of which is capacity of more than 4,500 seats. The stadium got equipped with the cutting-edge MAG Audio systems. 

The grand opening of the stadium took place on September 2, and already on September 12 it hosted its first Premier-League match between — FC “Kolos” — FC “Lviv”. “Kolos” defeated the opponent with a 4:0 score giving fans an unforgettable thrilling experience. But even the thunderous roar of fans at the grandstands could not overcome MAG Audio that announced the victory loudly, clearly and with great clarity — as was designed.

This year, “Kolos” also triumphed in the UEFA Europa League. In the first historical match against FC “ARIS” Thessaloniki, “Kolos” achieved a spectacular victory.

The advancing club needed a modern home stadium, compliant with the UEFA standards. The stadium in Kovalivka, first renovated in 2014, has been totally upgraded to a new 5000-seater football arena.

The biggest change was the main tribune with a four-story administrative building that includes a media box, a VIP box and a press conference room. Two additional tribunes were built behind both goals.

Igor Sydorenko, systems engineer at MAG Audio, was in charge of the sound system installation:

“We suggested MAG FD-52 as the primary sound. These horn-loaded speakers are perfect for large sports arenas and stadiums. They have great sensitivity, focused sound and long throw, and deliver excellent speech intelligibility. Plus, they come with IP55 weather protection”.

In order for the sound system to meet the UEFA requirements, MAG Audio engineers have simulated sound coverage at the field and the grandstands in the AFMG EASE software.

“We decided to install 4 x MAG FD-52 under the shed for camera operators, on the rooftop of the administrative building. This way we covered the main tribune, the field and two tribunes behind the gates. The opposite tribune required additional sound source, so we installed 15 x MAG AIR-62 IP under the shed” — added Igor. 

The AIR series has been recently updated with weather-resistant IP54 option and now it’s available in black and white colors. Special black MAG AIR-62 IP with white grid and the football club logo were made for the Kolos Stadium.

Additional 6 x MAG AIR-62 IP, connected to Powersoft Mezzo 604 AD, were installed in three VIP lounges. Main MAG FD-52s are connected to Powersoft Quattrocanali 4804 DSP+D amplifier and Powersoft Quattrocanali 2404 DSP+D drives 15 x MAG AIR-62 IP. Entire sound system is connected via Dante.

We wish great victories and new achievements to a young Ukrainian team! 


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