FD-52 - Weather-resistant installation speaker

FD-52 - Weather-resistant installation speaker
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Rigid heavy-duty enclosure 

Field series' design allows for easy coupling allowing engineers to create a tailored solution for the best coverage and clarity in clustered distributed systems domed stadiums, arenas, and other large open-air spaces.

With a comprehensive range of mounting accessories engineered for permanent installation, the Field series is prepared to deliver controlled sound into the most difficult installations.

FD-52 is a coaxial positioned horn-loaded 15" and 1,5’’ HF driver speaker in a weather-resistant IP 55 enclosure. Available with a wide selection of HF horns providing various coverage patterns, FD-52s are versatile for long-throw and short-distance applications alike.

Product Description:

Weather-resistant installation speaker

Main features:

  • 500 W nominal power
  • 15” woofer
  • 1,5” HF driver
  • 141 dB Max SPL

Read more about the application:

MAG conquers the 11 sports arenas of El Salvador

Reconstruction of the "Avangard" stadium in the city of Rivne

Sound of Victory: MAG FD-52 at “Kolos” Stadium

Type Weather-resistant installation speaker
Acoustical & Electrical data
Frequency response (-10dB) 86 - 18000 Hz
Max SPL 1 141 dB
Sensitivity (1W/1m) 105 dB
Nominal Coverage Angle (Horizontal × Vertical) FD-52.63 - 60 x 30°; FD-52.66 - 60 x 60°; FD-52.93 - 90 x 30°; FD-52.96- 90 x 60°; FD-52.99- 90 x 90°
Impedance 8 Ohm
Nominal power 2 500 W
Drivers 15" woofer, 1,5" HF driver in a coaxial configuration
Connections and physical data
Connectors Barrier strip / Gland nut cover plate
Dimensions (W x H x D) 760x765x700 mm
Net weight 58 kg
Shipping weight 61 kg
Mounting 24x M10 Mounting points
Enclosure material Plywood; polyurethane environmental resistant paint
Weather protection IP 55
Speaker protection Steel grill, acoustically transparent backing

1 pink noise, filtered according to AES 2 - 2012, crest factor 9 dB

2 based on transducer power measured according to AES 2 - 2012

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