Reconstruction of the "Avangard" stadium in the city of Rivne

Reconstruction of the "Avangard" stadium in the city of Rivne

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of the reconstruction of the "Avangard" stadium in the city of Rivne (Ukraine). This stadium is the home arena of the local football team "Veres" and has needed renovation for quite some time. It finally happened! Despite the war in the country, we were very happy to take responsibility for the sound system of the stadium and of course, delivered our best solutions.

MAG Audio's all-weather FD-52 coaxial horn systems are chosen for the stadium acoustics of the furthest stands and spectators, delivering a maximum sound pressure level of 141 dB. In addition, we also installed 28x of the MAG AIR-82-IP coaxial acoustic systems for close zones and VIP boxes. The MAG Audio AMP AO16000 and AMP AQ-8000 were used as amplification. To ensure trouble-free operation and absolute reliability in the open air, the loudspeakers have an IP55 degree of protection, and all metal fasteners are galvanized.

As of now, the MAG Audio sound system performs its duties at the Avangard Stadium with the very highest quality and we eagerly await peaceful skies across the country to resume international football competitions.


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