Z Series: New Installation in Netherlands

Z Series: New Installation in Netherlands

The MAG Z series has once again proved its efficiency for fixed installations at the corporate space of Logiqs B.V., based in Maasdijk, south-western Netherlands. The integrators took advantage of the rotation brackets to precisely position two MAG Z 320 under balconies and cover the lunch and meeting hall area. Z series did a great job at providing intelligibility for important announcements and background music.

Logiqc B.V. is a company that specializes in internal transport and logistics for greenhouses, vertical farms, and automated warehouses. The coworking area required a modern professional sound system, optimal in terms of energy saving and ergonomy. For the turn-key solution, they addressed Prodjex — sound system installation specialists for businesses and workplaces.

Sometimes, this hall transforms into a tiny concert and jam-session space. Prodjex engineers have suggested the MAG Z 320 and Powersoft Mezzo combo.

In the space without any acoustical treatment, MAG Z 320 is capable of delivering important messages and background music with crystal clarity, thanks to its precise coverage control and great sensitivity. Along with superior performance of Mezzo amplifiers, the system ensures outstanding efficiency and precise control over the sound environment. At the same time, the system has enough punch and headroom for live performances and jamming.

Additional tip in favor of MAG Z 320 was their advanced mounting possibilities and wide range of accessories. Using the MAG LZ320 vertical rotation bracket, Prodjex engineers have panned and tilted both loudspeakers to minimize wall reflections and aim the sound to the center of the hall. For even tighter installation spaces, Z series offers a horizontal MAG HZ320 bracket with the same pan and tilt functions.


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