MAG Audio at Global Teacher Prize Ukraine

MAG Audio at Global Teacher Prize Ukraine

The best teacher of Ukraine 2021 was announced at the Global Teacher Prize Ukraine. The presentation of the most prestigious national award among teachers took place on October 2, in Kyiv, on Sophia Square. The sound at the awards ceremony was provided by MAG Audio loudspeakers.

The Global Teacher Prize is the world's annual "Nobel Prize" for teachers, founded by Arab entrepreneur and philanthropist Sunny Varki in 2014. In Ukraine, it is being held for the fifth time since 2017. Its mission is to emphasize the importance of the teaching profession — as it’s teachers who bring up young talents to develop the future success of Ukraine.

For this ceremony, a big stage under the cover was built on the historical square of Kyiv. All the intellectual elite, show business stars and outstanding figures of culture and education gathered to celebrate the important contribution of teachers to the formation of the entire country.

Among the stars who performed on stage were popular Ukrainian bands and singers ONUKA, Tayanna, Go_A, as well as the winners of the Eurovision Song Contest of different years Ruslana and Jamala.

To ensure high-quality sound during musical performances and to maintain high speech intelligibility throughout the evening, 8 x MAG WASP tops were placed on each side of the stage. And the low-frequency support was provided by 6 x MAG WASP-S18 subs on each side.

2 x MAG STING were installed as front-fills. Additionally, for the most uniform coverage across the venue, the technicians placed 4 x MAG STINGs on the racks — two on each side.

And for monitoring on stage, 2 x MAG Focus were used.

At the end of the evening, the name of the winner was displayed on the building of the National Library named after V. I. Vernadsky. The best teacher of 2021 in the Global Teacher Prize Ukraine was the teacher of the Ukrainian language and literature — Artur Proydakov. He will represent Ukraine at the most prestigious educational event in the world - Global Education And Skills in London.


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