30 years of Ukraine's Independence: Ukrainian sound on Maidan Nezalezhnosti Square

30 years of Ukraine's Independence: Ukrainian sound on Maidan Nezalezhnosti Square

On August 24, Ukraine celebrated 30 years of its Independence. This is a truly grandiose event for Ukraine, in honor of which a whole series of events took place throughout the country. Traditionally, an official celebration took place on the main square of the country - Maidan Nezalezhnosti Square (Independence Square) with the President’s speech and a military parade. On that day, the country's  main square sounded with MAG Audio - Ukrainian manufacturer of professional acoustic systems.

One of the highlights of the day was the amazing theatrical performance due to the “country's birthday”. A little girl with flowers, who personified Ukraine, walked along the sceneries that reflected different periods in the history of Ukraine - from Kyiv Rus times to the present day. Thus, the plot reflected the idea that, despite its young age, Ukraine is a state with a thousand-year history. 

For such a grandiose holiday, no less grandiose military parade was organized. More than 5 thousand soldiers took part in the festive procession along Khreshchatyk and more than 400 units of military equipment were involved. A particularly vivid impression was left by military aviation, including the world's largest Ukrainian-made “Mriya” aircraft that flew over Kyiv. The parade ended with the signal flare aircrafts painting the sky blue and yellow, symbolizing the Ukrainian national flag.

The technical support was provided by the rental company PROFI. The technicians built a special podium under the tent for the Cabinet of Ministers, members of Parliament, ex-presidents of Ukraine, heads of foreign delegations.

To provide this area with sound, a universal point-source system MAG STING was used. It required 12 pieces - 4 under each tent. Wide suspension options make MAG STING a completely versatile system - for mobile use it can be mounted on a pole or suspended vertically, and for installations it can be flown on a wall or ceiling using a U-bracket. The interchangeable swivel HF horn allows for even more precise directivity control, giving the MAG STING even more confidence in any application.

The grand celebration covered a large area in the city center, so the entire event was broadcasted to the public on numerous screens. A huge screen opposite the tribune was equipped with the MAG WASP series speakers - 12 x MAG WASP tops, and 3 MAG WASP-S18 subwoofers. Later this evening, a big concert at the NSC "Olimpiyskiy" was shown on this screen.

The highly scalable MAG WASP array is perfect for large open spaces - the special waveguide and HF horn design provides MAG WASP with the best possible long throw in the class of compact line arrays. At the same time, the highly efficient cooling and weather resistance of the cabinets allow for reliable operation even at the events of the very first magnitude.

Another screen was built in the historical district of Kyiv - Podil, near the River Station. This location was also equipped with the systems of the MAG WASP series.


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