MAG Audio in the new format of sports bar “Champion Hall”

MAG Audio in the new format of sports bar “Champion Hall”

Sports bars have their unique atmosphere: excitement, lots of emotions, experiences. It is possible due to high-quality sound. There was opened the new sports bar “Champion Hall” at the Parkovy Exhibition and Convention Center this spring.

What’s unique about this place?  It combines several locations for active recreation: a broadcast area, chillout, and restaurant/cocktail bar. 

This object is a landmark for MAG Audio because the array of the Cluster series was installed here for the first time. It is a reliable, productive, and easy to manage the system. 

So in the “Sports Hub” (where the live broadcast of sports events takes place), the following set is installed:

  • MAG Cluster Q Series Array - 6 pieces, this is the central system;
  • To enhance the sound - MAG Sub C15 - 2 pieces;
  • Also additionally installed MAG Air-82 in the amount of 4 pieces;
  • Enhance the sound with Powersoft.

The restaurant area is equipped with:

  • Universal MAG NX 12i speaker system - 8 pieces;
  • Additionally installed subwoofers MAG Sub 18 - 2 pieces;
  • Sound Enhancement with Powersoft.

The experience of cooperation with such innovative and non-standard spaces is always especially exciting. We are pleased to be part of the Champion Hall atmosphere.

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