MAG Audio AIR-C — a new benchmark for installation acoustics

MAG Audio AIR-C — a new benchmark for installation acoustics

We are very pleased to announce a completely new MAG Audio product line. One that our development team has been working on for the past two years, perfecting their idea down to the very last detail. Neither the pandemic nor the war stopped us: "We create; therefore we exist."

Most solutions in the field of installation acoustics are far-reaching compromises in terms of sound quality, often for the sake of cost savings. And models that sound really good are available, but in a significantly higher price category, so they often don't fit the project because of budget reasons.

At MAG Audio, we have decided that sacrificing quality is a very bad idea. We felt it was imperative to create a high-quality, reliable, versatile, visually appealing yet affordable line of AIR-C installation loudspeakers. A quality audio solution that should literally be a breath of fresh air for those involved in commercial audio projects of every level and at the same time offer listeners an extremely pleasant listening experience.

Absolutely no flimsy plastic boxes that resonate! Each MAG AIR-C speaker is built in a sturdy, thick-walled composite enclosure featuring MAG’s unique Polycomp© hybrid anti-resonance technology. The loudspeaker box consists of 75% wood and 25% polyurethane, which penetrates the plywood fibers during molding to form a rigid structure. The choice of a combination of materials with different densities also suppresses parasitic vibrations, resulting in a special shape of the box which significantly reduces the number of internal standing waves

MAG Audio only uses high-performance speakers with high-excursion diffusers made of waterproof paper to guarantee a sound of this high quality.  The MAG AIR models C4, C5, and C24 use the best quality dome silk 1" tweeters, which provide a pleasant hi-fi character of the sound. The models C6 and C8 use professional titanium drivers with a 1.5" coil and a 0.75" neck, which ensures to achieve high sound pressure levels while maintaining a rich sound.

The rotating HF horn allows you to accurately determine the listening coverage area at a wide angle of 100 x  70 degrees. The protective grille is easy to remove, which also gives access to easily adjust the dispersion from horizontal to vertical, even after installation in the interior.

For ease of use, all these new models (except the C24) are available in standard 16 ohms, which allows for optimizing the number of amplification channels required. The C6 and C8 models are also available in 8 ohms. Optionally we offer transformer versions (C4T and C5T) for 70/100V lines. The Phoenix connection terminals provide the possibility for linking loudspeakers with each other.

All MAG AIR-C systems have an IP54 degree of protection, so they can safely be used outdoors such as on terraces, in verandas, in car parks, in swimming pools, etc. for a long time. 

To facilitate any installation, MAG Audio also offers two different specially designed mounting brackets: for wall and ceiling. These brackets make it possible to precisely align the acoustics in two axes and to fix them securely. The bracket is included in the delivery, but the type of configuration (wall or ceiling) must be selected at the time of ordering.

MAG Audio’s AIR-C is ideal for all installation applications requiring the highest possible sound quality, ease of installation, and 24/7 reliability: stores, shopping malls, cafes, bars, restaurants, clubs, theater lobbies, cinemas, circuses, cruise ships, cultural centers, summer playgrounds, sports facilities, hotels, conference halls, clubs, churches, etc. The availability of black and white colors in stock models will allow you to fit them into any interior. And if you need a special color, a RAL color chart is at your service for an extra fee.

Installing the MAG Audio AIR-C will drastically increase the quality of background music to a level that will satisfy demanding listeners. The C6 and C8 models provide enough power and pressure to support a DJ's work and also provide a clear transmission during dynamic sporting or music events in a noisy pub environment, easily creating a dance atmosphere or serving as a vocal performance on stage.

Although we are still a month away from the start of stock sales, we are ready to accept pre-orders. The retail price will start at around $280.00, which we certainly consider a breakthrough for the acoustics of this class in a wooden box. Keep an eye on our channels as more detailed technical specifications will be announced closer to the start of sales. 


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