MAG Audio at the “Black Sea Games” Festival

MAG Audio at the “Black Sea Games” Festival

‘Black Sea Games' is the largest and most prestigious children's charity festival in Ukraine. This year, the festival took place from 20 to 22 August in Skadovsk and was marked by a record number of star guests. At the celebration of music and children's talents, the sound was delivered by MAG Audio loudspeakers.

"Black Sea Games" is the main children's vocal competition in the country. Many famous Ukrainian singers started their professional career from this contest.

“‘The Black Sea Games’ festival has become a strong motivator for children. If we look at the history of the festival, we’ll see Tina Karol, Yulia Sanina, Ivan Dorn, Dzidzio, Nastya Kamenskikh, Nadya Dorofeeva and many more interesting names. It’s important for children to see an example of Ukrainian stars, who used to stand on this stage as well”, says the festival’s founder, Mykola Bagraev.

This year, the festival coincided with the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Ukraine's Independence. In general, during these three days, the festival got about 50 thousand visitors, hundreds of views on the Internet and millions of TV views on M1 TV channel. A whole team of professionals worked on the creation of a large-scale project. The technical part of the project was on Profi rental company.

First and foremost, “Black Sea Games” is a vocal competition. Therefore, it’s highly important that the sound quality is impeccable and allows the jury to fully evaluate the contestants' vocals as they are, without distortion.

The technicians built a large-scale stage on the seafront of Skadovsk, equipped with MAG Audio acoustic systems. The main PA system consisted of the MAG Hornet 12 line array - 12 per side. The evenly distributed horizontal coverage and precise vertical angle control ensure MAG Hornet 12 a success in any open area. Thanks to its great power headroom, MAG Hornet 12 can easily handle multi-day events with consistently clear, controlled sound.

MAG WASP line array was used as out-fills - 16 per side. Low weight and quick installation - these are the qualities, for which MAG WASP is often used for small and medium-sized locations. Optional horizontal directivity of 70° and 110° allows for even more precise sound in particle zones.

16 x MAG Sub H28 hybrid subwoofers were used for low-frequency support. For the area in front of the stage, 3 x MAG WASP on each side were used as front-fills.

Due to its versatility and compactness, MAG WASP is also perfect for use as side-fills in combination with the subs of the same series. Here, the technicians used 3 x MAG WASP and 2 x MAG WASP-S18 per side.

8 x MAG Focus 5 ensured monitoring on stage. Also, a set of 1 x MAG Focus 5 and 2 x MAG WASP-S18 was installed as Drum-Fill. MAG Focus 5 has a special narrow horizontal directivity that focuses sound exactly at the performer while minimizing interfering with other monitor lines. And thanks to the lifting legs, you can tilt the monitor's sound axis vertically, and direct sound exactly at the artist, regardless of his distance from the monitor.

The lineup of the festival consisted of such performers as Go_A, NK, DOROFEEVA, Tina Karol, TAYANNA, Svetlana Tarabarova, Alexander Ponomarev, MONATIK, Max Barskikh, DANTES, NIKITA LOMAKIN, Olya Tsibulskaya, Artem Pivovarov, BEZ Obmezhen.

For the first time in the history of the “Black Sea Games”, the Grand-Prix went to two winners - Yaroslav Karpuk and Sofia Samolyuk. The festival has become an excellent starting point in a career for talented children, and at the same time, a great ending of the musical festival summer!

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