Buddha-Bar Manhattan, New York: the Club Vibe from MAG Audio

Buddha-Bar Manhattan, New York: the Club Vibe from MAG Audio

Buddha Bar is the embodiment of modern club culture, its aesthetics and philosophy. It is much more than just a chain of premium restaurants, as each of its spots is a real art object that combines Pan-Asian haute cuisine, unique design and music.

This year, the new Buddha Bar opened its doors in the heart of New York City, Manhattan. The location requires - the exquisite class of the new hotspot strikes the imagination. The signature musical vibe is delivered with MAG Audio loudspeakers.

About Buddha Bar 

The first restaurant of the chain was first opened 25 years ago in Paris. Now it has more than 20 locations around the world. The centerpiece in all of the chain’s spots is the large Buddha statue. The aesthetics of the restaurants might impress even the most sophisticated guests: the art installations, digital projections, music - all this creates a unique atmosphere of club extravaganza.

Technical solution


When choosing audio equipment for the restaurant, there were several main criteria. Firstly, music is essential to the Buddha-Bar concept. Signature ethno-lounge vibes create a special atmosphere enveloping every corner of the restaurant. Secondly, lush and luxurious, but at the same time stylish and sophisticated design is crucial here. Therefore, it was important that audio equipment seamlessly fits into the interior without spoiling its aesthetics. Both tasks were completed by our professionals. In addition, the control interface of the sound system is so simple that it’s easy to operate it for Buddha Bar staff even without long special training. 

Turnkey Sound

When it comes to installation projects, the MAG Audio team is always ready to offer a fully comprehensive solution - from selecting equipment - to setting up sound at the location. In Buddha-Bar New York, MAG Audio specialists developed a project where they planned a distributed system based on the venue specifications and provided full technical support up until its launch.

“We’re very pleased with how comprehensively the MAG Audio team approached our project,” comments Valeriyamanager of Buddha-Bar New York. “Before offering us a solution, a team of specialists thoroughly analyzed the room. On this basis, they selected a set of equipment and conducted acoustical calculations. As a result, the sound is excellent and the looks of the loudspeakers fit perfectly with the concept of our restaurant."


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