The Dnipro city in Ukraine celebrated 245 years with MAG Audio

The Dnipro city in Ukraine celebrated 245 years with MAG Audio

On September 11, the big city of Dnipro in Ukraine celebrated 245 years since its foundation. On this occasion, various events, fairs, and concerts took place throughout the city. The main stage was built on the longest river bank in Europe - the Festival pier, where MAG Audio loudspeakers were deployed.

DJ Tapolsky, the father of Ukrainian drum-and-bass, has started the show. The concert proceeded with the performances of the popular singer DOROFEEVA, headliner of European festivals from Latvia - Dagamba band, and the Ukrainian pop-rock band “Bez Obmezhen”. The last one to perform was the French DJ Joachim Garraud, who prepared a special show especially for the holiday.

The stage was built at the main event location of the Dnipro city - the Festival pier. 

This year, the scale and complexity of the stage’s design were especially impressive and elaborate. The form of the stage resembled a huge cube, two sides of which were facing the audience, and two were backstage. 

A special stage design required an individual approach to sound equipment configuration as well. With the help of MAG Audio loudspeakers, the technicians managed to develop a unique sound system based on the difficult conditions of the location. 

Since the cube had two sides facing the audience, the PA loudspeakers were directed accordingly - two clusters of MAG WASP line array delivered sound on each side. In total, 4 clusters were used as PA, each one consisting of 24 modules. 

In addition to the tops, MAG WASP series subwoofers were flown in three corners of the stage: 10 x MAG WASP-S12 - in the central corner, and 12 x MAG WASP-S12 - on the side corners.

A total of 34 floor-standing subwoofers MAG Sub H28 were placed in front of the stage. With an efficient hybrid horn design, the MAG Sub H28 has excellent long throw and SPL. The built-in mounting system allows the subwoofers to be securely fixed when ground-stacked in bass array end fire or other configurations. 

12 point-source MAG STING systems were installed as front-fills - 6 on each side. Thanks to the low profile and precise directivity control, MAG STING is indispensable where maximum output and minimal visual impact is needed: on stage as front fills, as PA system for a small hall, installed delay line or background sound system. For the outdoor venues, MAG STING is available in IP option, so you can use it all year round in all weather conditions. 

As for the side-fills, a total of 4 x MAG Fly and 4 x MAG Fly Sub 15 was used on stage. A set of 1 x MAG Fly + 1 x MAG Fly Sub 15 on a stand were used per each side. You can apply the MAG Fly active line array for small events, or as an addition to a larger system - not only is it compact and easy to use, but it also has a wide selection of flying accessories, mounting on a stand or ground stack. 

Additional comfort for the artists on stage was ensured by 4 x MAG Focus 5 monitors.

This concert has gathered a lot of townspeople to celebrate at the Festive pier, so there was a need for delay lines. Therefore, for the zone behind the FOH, 14 x MAG WASPs delivered sound.

The technical support for the event was provided by Profi.


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