Surround sound by MAG Audio at the Event Industry Forum 2021

Surround sound by MAG Audio at the Event Industry Forum 2021

The Event Industry Forum is the largest annual event in Ukrainain event industry. This year, the forum took place on February 21-22 in Lviv, at the Arena Lviv stadium.

This forum became a truly long-awaited event where industry people met their clients and partners, shared experiences, ideas and presented the latest technological innovations. Among the discussions were the transition of the event industry to online, adaptation to the new market realities, support for the event industry and much more.

All discussions and online meetings at the forum were aimed at one common goal — "to make the event industry great again", which became the main slogan of the IV International Event Forum 2021. For this reason the event has united creative and event agencies, rental companies, catering and wedding agencies, festival organizers, producers and artist managers.

This year, MAG Audio has become the official partner of the event. All the locations of the forum were equipped with MAG Audio acoustic systems.

A suitable setup was chosen for each location:

The MAIN HALL location, where all the main panel discussions were held, deserves a special mention. On the second day of the forum, there was demonstrated a unique sound solution — the technology immersive sound for pro audio (the details of which will be revealed later). The solution was developed in cooperation with MAG Audio’s strategic partner — rental company Profi.

Dmitry Starikov, chief engineer and head of the sound department at the company, comments:

Spatial sound system 14.1. is based on the compact line array MAG WASP. We’ve used it many times in our projects, as it’s super versatile and is suitable for venues of various sizes and challenges of unpredictable complexity. It took 8 modules for each side. Low frequency support was provided by subwoofers of the same series — 6 x MAG WASP-S18 on each side.

Thanks to the point source system MAG STING, it was possible to distribute the sound channels throughout the location and focus sound where it’s wanted — exactly into the auditorium.

Also, MAG STING is capable of coping with challenging tasks in a wide variety of applications — from fixed installations to portable and touring use.The well-thought-out accessories also contribute to this. At the forum, 10 x MAG STING surround systems were installed on racks using adapters and placed along the perimeter of the hall: four on each side and two near the back wall. Three more were placed on a farm above the stage.

Also, the light weight and compactness of the system allows for use in many other applications. Here 2 x MAG STINGs were set up as frontfills, two more as in-fills and one as outfill on the left.

For monitoring, 2 x MAG Focus 5 were placed on the stage.

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