MAG Audio at the Volvo Presentation

MAG Audio at the Volvo Presentation

November 12, 2020, Volvo Group held a presentation of a new line of trucks at the “KyivExpoPlaza” exhibition center. Specially designed spectacular show required an immersive multichannel sound system. MAG Audio products were chosen to deliver sound for the project.

“KyivExpoPlaza” is a popular platform for exhibitions, festivals, presentations and corporate events. It is here that Volvo has gathered representatives, customers, and reputable industry experts to present a new line of trucks. Held at the highest level, the presentation astonished guests with the latest technologies and audio-visual show.

The presentation in Ukraine featured the grandiose show-program. Enormous video screen with a video clip was backed up by stunning video-effects and the dancers’ show. But the main feature of the audio-content was a multi-channel surround sound track, for which a special 14.1 sound system was designed.

Such a grand event required a sound system with lots of headroom. At the same time, it was important to consider the location’s specifics — a large area, metallic walls and absence of acoustical treatment. Therefore, precise dispersion control was needed.

For the VOLVO car brand presentation, our strategic partners PROFI for the first time designed and implemented a technical solution for the installation of an immersive audio-visual sound system. Dmitry Starikov, chief engineer — head of the sound department at the company, tells in detail about the solution used:

The main feature of sound design was the playback of the music track in surround sound format. There were special effects added to the side and rear channels: horn sounds, tyre screeching, and other noize effects. In combination with the lighting show, it created a stunning immersive effect. And the climax of the event was the big entrance of the trucks in front of the stage.


Specifically for this project we’ve designed a 14.1 surround sound system based on MAG Audio loudspeakers: scalable MAG WASP line array and MAG STING point source system. We’ve deployed two main FOH systems — 14 x MAG WASP and 4 x MAG WASP-S18 on each side of the stage. The hall was very wide, so we additionally deployed two clusters of 8 x MAG WASP as out-fills, and one more at the center.

On each side of the stage we’ve set up 4 x MAG Sub H28. Also, we’ve put 4 x MAG WASPs as front fills and 2 x MAG Focus 5 for monitoring on stage. And finally, we’ve installed 9 x MAG STING on the stands as surrounds, per three systems on each side — left, right, and the back wall. The entire sound system was driven by two MAG AmpRack 2x8 and one MAG AmpRack 1x8.

The new MAG STING point source system can be used both vertically and horizontally thanks to the rotating horn. This compact 2x8” + 1,5” system can be mounted onto the pole, walls or ceiling due to thoroughly designed accessories. Moreover, MAG STING is available with 110x 40° directivity for short-throw or 70°x 40° for long-throw applications.


The grand show with light and sound effects made an incredible impression on the guests. The evening continued with pleasant business communication and first-class catering.

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