MAG Audio at Expo 2020 Dubai

MAG Audio at Expo 2020 Dubai

“Connecting minds, creating the future” - this is the theme of the main international exhibition EXPO 2020, which opened on October 1 in Dubai (UAE). It's the largest world exhibition in history that brings together 192 countries. For the first time, Ukraine has built its own pavilion, proudly displaying its cultural heritage through the prism of technical and innovative achievements. As for the sound support, the systems of Ukrainian manufacturer MAG Audio provide high-quality sound in all the zones of the Ukrainian pavilion.

About EXPO 2020 

The World Expo takes place on an area of ​​438 hectares - as much as 600 football fields. Most of the pavilions were designed by the world-famous architects that have built an entire infrastructure in the desert. The central venue of the Expo is Al Wasl Plaza, which has an incredible 360´ ​​dome for interactive projections. 

Three main complexes are located around the central venue - "Mobility", "Opportunity", "Sustainability". Each of them spreads into the thematic zone with the same name. After the exhibition ends, most of the buildings will turn into offices, forming the “city of the future” - District 2020. 

Smart Ukraine - Smart Technologies 

The Ukraine pavilion is located in the ”Opportunities” thematic zone. Back in March 2019, the organizing committee of EXPO 2020 recognized the Ukrainian pavilion as one of the 25 best. The building covers an area of ​​over 1000 sq. m. and has the shape of an ear of wheat: grain as a symbol of a new beginning - in ideas, projects, interaction with people and nature.

The theme of the Ukrainian pavilion is “SMART UKRAINE: Connecting dots”. Ukraine is presented as an innovative country introducing smart technologies. 

Ukrainian Sound on the World Stage 

MAG Audio systems invite the guests of the exhibition right at the entrance of the pavilion. Right next to the installation of the Ukrainian national symbol Trident there's a set of active plug-and-play system MAG VerA M

On the ground floor inside, there’s the “Smart Life” multimedia gallery - an exhibition hall with video projections on the walls. Breathtaking visuals are complemented by the kinetic show, and a powerful server combines dynamic images with sound. In this hall, the sound is provided with the point-source system MAG STING - it’s an ultra-modern acoustic system that combines high performance and ease of system integration. With interchangeable 110° x 40° or 70° x 40° horns, sound can be directed exactly where it’s needed, which is a great benefit for rooms with complex geometries. Low frequency support is provided by MAG WASP-S18

The second floor demonstrates Ukrainian cultural heritage in the form of traditional decorative art - vytynanki. Another set of MAG VerA M - in white color - is used to create the atmosphere here. 

On the third floor there’s a stage, equipped with MAG WASP series systems. The scalability of the MAG WASP line array is one of its main advantages, allowing the system to be used both at large concert venues and small stages. In addition, MAG Focus 5 monitors were used for monitoring. 

The rental company PROFI provides technical support at the Ukraine Pavilion Expo 2020. 

Anyone wishing to appreciate the latest technologies in the most modern decorations can do this from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022. It is expected that the exhibition will be attended by 25 million people. The organizers envision Expo 2020 in Dubai as a driving force for global innovation - towards a sustainable, rational and technological future. 


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