MAG Audio at the Hit Conveyor Song Contest

MAG Audio at the Hit Conveyor Song Contest

Every year, Ukrainian music channel M2 — one of the highest-rated TV channels in Ukraine — holds in Kyiv a song contest called ”Hit Conveyor”. Its main purpose is to popularize Ukrainian music. This year, the concert took place at the Spivoche Pole venue, on August 25. And not only it revealed new names in Ukrainian show business, but excited the audience with famous artists’ performances during the gala concert. The stage at the venue was fully equipped with the MAG Audio loudspeakers.   

Twelve singers, picked by the professional jury out of 300 contestants, took part in the final. They competed for a prize of one million Ukrainian hryvnia for filming and promotion of a professional music video. 

This year’s winner became ILCHY (Viktoriya Ilchyshyna) with the song “A Thousand of Heavenly Reasons”. 

Beside the dazzling performances of the contestants, the audience was amused by the appearance of much anticipated headliners - last year's winner “Skeemans”, Kishe, “Bez Obmezhen”, Artem Pyvovarov, Zlata Ognevich and Olegg Vynnyk.

Traditionally, a big stage for the contest was built at Spivoche Pole - one of the most picturesque venues in the capital with a view of the Motherland monument. This landscape park with an area of 1500 square meters serves as the perfect venue for hosting grand events, including music festivals and concerts. A remarkable feature of this location is that, in addition to the auditorium in front of the stage, guests were provided with the seats right on the hillside of the natural amphitheater.

In order to deliver high-quality sound in this large open space, you need a sound system with sufficient headroom and precise directivity control — so that the sound on the hillside was as smooth and dynamic as in front of the stage. PROFI rental company, which provided technical support for the project, has opted for MAG Audio sound equipment for this purpose.

As the main portal system, 10 x MAG Hornet 12 were flown per side — a high power medium format line array with excellent coverage distance. To deliver sound for the front rows, 4 x MAG Wasp tops were installed as front-fills. 

But the real "ace in the hole" were 4 x MAG THOR subwoofers with nominal power of 5000 W and SPL of 145 dB. With perfect clarity, these unique systems handle signals way below the range of traditional subwoofers. Together with the main 24 x MAG Sub H28, they created a massive “wall of air” in front of the excited  fans.

To provide uniform sound coverage over the entire concert venue, two delay towers were deployed. Each one consisted of 10 x MAG Wasps — the universal line array, widely used for big venues. 

For additional comfort of the musicians on stage, 4 х MAG Focus 15, 4 x MAG Focus 12 and 2 х MAG Focus Sub ensured monitoring. In addition, 3 x MAG Wasp and 3 х MAG Wasp-S12 per side were deployed as side-fills. 

The audio system was powered by MAG AmpRack — ready-made touring racks based on Powersoft amplifiers.

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