MAG Audio systems at Koktebel Jazz Festival

MAG Audio systems at Koktebel Jazz Festival

February is the time to feel nostalgic for warm weather and sunny days. And we, giving in to this feeling, are reliving the memories of Koktebel Jazz Festival 2018, one of the largest summer music events held on the shore of the Black Sea. It’s a festival of jazz and not-only-jazz music, which more than 15 years in a row unites musicians and their admirers from all over the world.

Nu Jazz Stage, the main stage of the festival, was equipped – traditionally we dare say – with MAG Audio systems. The stage’s line up during Koktebel Jazz Festival 2018 included Morcheeba (UK), Martina Topley Bird (UK), Ivan Dorn (UA), Inner Circle (JM), Beissoul & Einius (LT), Yuko (UA), KOOP OSCAR ORCHESTRA (SWE), ONUKA (UA), LAUD (UA), Alina Pash (UA), Dakh Daughters (UA), Heart Beat Brass Band (UA), Олег Скрипка и НАОНИ (UA), Laura Marti (UA) and many other top performers.

Morcheeba at the Nu Jazz Stage, the main stage of the Koktebel Jazz Festival

The main sound system deployed at Nu Jazz Stage comprised MAG Hornet 12 - powerful full-range system, based on neodymium 2х12’’ woofers, 4х6’’ woofers and 2х1,4’’ drivers. The main PA comprised 9 modules of MAG Hornet 12 line array per side, each able to reach 144 dB of max SPL, which makes the system fit in perfectly into mid-size and large events, both indoor and outdoor.

Performance of Ivan Dorn at the Nu Jazz Stage

[O] band on the main stage of the Koktebel Jazz Festival

Based on double 18” woofers, MAG Sub H28 were as well deployed at the stage - 6 stacked subwoofers per each side, providing the needed support to PA’s low-frequency section.

All the system was powered by Powersoft products.

Portal System of Nu Jazz Scene: 18 x MAG Hornet 12, 12 x MAG Sub H28

To provide enough coverage onstage, there were deployed 2 x MAG Fly 6 and 1x MAG Fly Sub 15 per side.

Technical partner: Artmax company.

Side-fill system on the main stage Koktebel Jazz Festival

Inner Circle on the main festival stage

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