MMconcept Сhooses MAG Audio

MMconcept Сhooses MAG Audio

MMconcept is an installation company in Assen, The Netherlands, that specializes in installing and configuring sound systems in a wide variety of venues — from coworking spaces and schools to business centers and factories. The company has used MAG Audio loudspeakers for some of the projects, which resulted in receiving many positive reviews. We talked to the CEO of MMconcept, Mark Molema, who told us how MAG Audio helps to cope with difficult installation tasks as well as the MAG Audio Store listening room in Assen.

About passion for MAG Audio

“Over the past 10 years, my love of audio has driven me to delve into all kinds of brands. Just name one, and I sure have listened to it. Until I heard MAG Audio for the first time... And also saw! I've disassembled all the systems and subwoofers, speakers, enclosures, filters and other components... Pure craftsmanship! Everything is assembled with the utmost care!”, — Mark shares his impressions.
“I have fallen in love with superior sound quality. And I think every DJ, musician, performer, band or catering establishment should hear it."

About significant installations

In MMconcept, MAG Audio systems have often become number one when choosing acoustics for installation projects. One of the latest objects was the Terra Emmen school, where they used MAG NX10 to deliver sound in the central hall.

“We already used MAG Audio loudspeakers for other projects, with more than impressive results. So the choice for MAG Audio for this project was a really easy one to make. MAG Audio products are instantly recognizable for their great craftsmanship. And the whole product line-up has a really sleek, aesthetically beautiful low impact design. Which of course is great when deploying in state-of-the-art fixed installation projects.”

(Learn more about MAG Audio at Terra Emmen).

Another interesting project is the multifunctional cultural center Podium Zuidhaege in Assen. Here MMconcept used MAG NX12 and MAG Sub 18 for the main hall, and 6 x MAG Z 320 as a mobile set for other locations. It was no easy task to create high-quality sound in the former chapel with a hexagonal shape, but thanks to MAG Audio systems’ excellent direction control, the MMconcept team succeeded.

“MAG Audio applies smart design philosophies to its crossover filters in the top speakers. This is very noticeable in the tuning between the mid and high frequency drivers, which also affects the vertical direction of the system in the area of ​​the crossover. This greatly benefits speech intelligibility, especially at low volumes.”

(Learn more about the Podium Zuidhaege project in Assen).

About MAG Audio listening room

For years Mark has been looking for the best way to offer DJs, singers, artists and bands a unique listening experience. And he found it! Having got acquainted with MAG Audio products, for the first time thanks to our distributors in the Netherlands — the Mennegat company, Mark got the idea to open his own listening showroom. This is how MAG Audio Store appeared in Assen. (

"In our office in Assen we also have a listening room of the MAG Audio brand. In the Netherlands, we operate nationally under the name MAG Audio Store and provide high quality sound systems to catering establishments, multi-functional centers and theaters. Here, together with our team, we can truly express our passion, providing listeners with an amazing experience through exceptional sound reproduction. It just gives us goosebumps!”

We thank MMconcept and our Dutch distributors Mennegat company for their confidence in MAG Audio and great feedback on our products! We wish the entire team success in their work and prosperity!

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