MAG Audio systems provided sound reinforecement in Kyiv Palace of Sports

MAG Audio systems provided sound reinforecement in Kyiv Palace of Sports

Kyiv Palace of Sports is a multi-functional complex for all types of events - from large sporting events to thunderous concerts. Opened in 1960, it remains the biggest sports and entertainment facility in Ukraine. The main hall has a capacity of 10 000 people, and regularly hosts sports games, music concerts and tradeshows. Besides, it is also often used as a venue for trainings and seminars, with thousands of people attending them.

Among them - "Megatraining-2019", a 2-day seminar with 5300 visitors and 26 top-line speakers, organized by Isaac Pintosevich, a №1 business trainer and coach in Ukraine and the CIS. 

"Megatraining-2019" took place in Kyiv Palace of Sports on Feb 3-4th and was reinforced by MAG Audio systems.

In order to achive well-balanced coverage throughout the territory, there was designed a distributed sound system, based on MAG Wave 10 line array - systems with two 10'' woofers and 1,4 driver.

The PA system comprised 2 clusters of MAG Wave 10, 8 elements each, with 12 x MAG Wave Sub 18 providing low-end reinforcement. 3 more MAG Wave 10 systems, hang either sides, were used as outfills to cover the side areas.

Monitoring at the stage and the podium was ensured by 6 coaxial MAG Focus 15 systems, each with 15'' woofer in its hart.

The configuration included delay line as well: 3 clusters, each comprising 4 x MAG Wave 10 systems pointed to the distant stands, allowed even coverage and high speech inteligibility index in all the seats.

The whole sound system was powered by Powersoft products.

Technical support: Ideal Secrets.

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