Shevchenko HUB in Kaniv — the First Concert and Movie Complex in Ukraine // MAG Audio

Shevchenko HUB in Kaniv — the First Concert and Movie Complex in Ukraine // MAG Audio

Shevchenko HUB in Kaniv is a new generation cultural center, the first full-fledged concert and movie complex in Ukraine. The idea of the project arose 20 years ago, but it was technically implemented only last fall. Innovative exhibition halls, a multifunctional auditorium and state-of-the-art technology - all this brought a new meaning to the old concept of a “house of culture”, turning it into a unique art space.

At the moment, the center works in test mode. Feedback and first impressions of visitors will help the administration create the program to the taste of the public. Shevchenko HUB is to find modern means to popularize Ukrainian culture and tradition. 

A special place in the program is dedicated to the personality of the Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko, after whom the hub was named. In one of the locations, there’s an exposition of modern art-pictures depicting Shevchenko, and the multifunctional hall shows the movie about the poet.

On the opening day, October 20, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky and and the First Lady Olena Zelenska, were among the first visitors of the hub.

Concert Hall + Cinema Hall

“Shevchenko HUB” in Kaniv is one of those unique MAG Audio projects, where two technical solutions are combined into one. The large auditorium for 700 people is designed for both concerts and movies. The location required a design of both a stereo system and a cinema system 7. 1. Each of the requirements was fulfilled with the perfectly matching MAG speakers.

The main portal sound is ensured by the MAG Audio line systems. The MAG WASP line array was chosen to deliver sound at the venue, in its special installation version MAG WASP-8i. It took 6 tops on each side.

As for the front rows, the location has allowed for mounting of 4 x MAG AIR-62 installation systems, instead of the traditional floor-standing front-fills. Also, 6 x MAG Sub 18 subwoofers were placed in the niches.

The broadband systems MAG Z 320 were placed on stage as monitors; they also can be used as portable full-range speakers on stands, if needed.

This set of equipment fulfills the sound design requirements for concerts and events. But when it comes to the movies, the sound is ensured by the speakers of the MAG Cinema line.

3 x MAG SCR-35L screen systems ensure the main sound. The system has a mid-bass section with a pan / tilt function that allows for accurate positioning of the sound depending on the parameters of the hall.

The low frequency range is provided by 2 x MAG SUB-428 subwoofers, which have the best ratio of sound pressure and power in their class.

And the full immersive surround picture is ensured by 20 x MAG SUR-201 surround systems.

For the background sound in the foyer and the exhibition hall, the MAG AIR installation series is the perfect choice.

For the two floors, it took 22 compact 6-inch MAG AIR-62 systems — 11 pieces on each floor. The white-colored systems allowed for the harmonious integration of equipment into the interior, emphasizing the refined architecture of the hall.

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