MAG Audio at the “Spivoche Pole” concert

MAG Audio at the “Spivoche Pole” concert

On September 4, the best hits of Ukraine since its Independence declaration sounded at the "Spivoche Pole" open air location in Kyiv, Ukraine. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Ukraine, the M2 channel has organized a real marathon of Ukrainian hits called "30 years. 30 songs. 30 artists". We also didn’t stand aside — the best hits at the concert sounded with MAG Audio loudspeakers.

The festive concert has gathered 30 artists on one stage who performed both iconic Ukrainian songs and their own modern hits as well. Among them were Nataliya Mohylevska, Khrystyna Soloviy, Anna Trincher, Pavlo Zibrov, Viktor Pavlik, LAMA, The Alibi sisters, Wellboy, TVORCHI, TARABAROVA, Nikita Lomakin, Khayat, David Axelrod, Vitaly Kozlovsky, Kalush, Elina Ivashchenko, Nina Matviyenko, TamerlanAlena, Slava Kaminska, TAYANNA, Soloha, Zlata Ognevich, MOZGI, Skryabin, SKAI, Antytila, MAD Heads.

The concert also involved the finalists’ performances from the “Hit Conveyor'' song contest, the main idea of which is popularization of Ukrainian music: Garna, “Chai z myasom“, “Hulyai horod”, “GORIM!”, “MOLFAR”.

Ukrainian hits at the location of "Spivoche pole" sounded from Ukrainian-made systems — MAG Audio. A unique site in the center of Kyiv in its landscape architecture resembles an amphitheater. The sound reinforcement system contributes to uniform sound coverage — mid-sized MAG Hornet 12 line array was used as the main portal system — 12 per side. Significant long throw range of the system allowed to eliminate the need for additional delay lines. For the zone in front of the stage, 3 x MAG WASP per side were used as in-fills.

Low-frequency was ensured by 24 powerful MAG Sub H28 in arc array configuration. These dual 18" subwoofers combine impressive power with high sensitivity, making them one of the most powerful in their class. In addition to being used as floor-standing subwoofers with flown clusters, MAG Sub H28 has ground stack mount adapters for MAG Hornet 12 which expands application options even further. 

Impeccable sound for the artists on stage was delivered with monitors — 10 x MAG Focus 5. For side fills, the technicians used a set of 3 x MAG WASP tops and 2 x MAG WASP-S18 subs.

A location this wide required the deployment of out-fills — 14 x MAG WASPs on each side. The compact line array can be used as a primary or secondary delay line thanks to the full direction control: an interchangeable horn allows for a change of horizontal directivity between 110° and 70° even in an assembled ground stack or flown cluster. A simple flying system ensures quick and easy installation, and practical carts and cases provide convenient and economical transportation.

The project of M2 TV channel has brought together artists of different generations and different genres — from funk to pop music, folk to electronics, and hip-hop to rock - all united by the music of independent Ukraine.


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