MAG Audio systems at the Hungarian stadium Bozsik Arena

MAG Audio systems at the Hungarian stadium Bozsik Arena

Bozsik Arena is a new multi-purpose stadium in Budapest, Hungary opened this year. The stadium is a home arena for the Kispest Honved Football Club, where the legendary football player Ferenc Puskás started his career. Completely new sports arena, adorned in red and black colors of Honved FC, has a 8200 seat capacity and meets the UEFA 4 category standards. AVmax System Integration company won the tender for AV systems installation featuring MAG Audio equipment.

The purpose of the sound system is to provide live or streamed information as well as high-quality music reproduction. It can also be used for emergency announcements and as a supplement for the fire alarm system. The main requirements are high sound pressure level and high speech intelligibility coefficient, which meet the UEFA stadium safety requirements.

“This design is very flexible to test, easy to modify and expand, so the building’s audio system is timeless and flexible as well, and adaptable to the changing needs,” say sound engineers from AVmax System Integration.

The sound system is based on MAG AIR-152 IP — a powerful installation-dedicated system with 15'' coaxial driver. These speaker systems possess enormous power headroom to ensure high sound pressure and clear speech reproduction, which is vital to the stadium's atmosphere. It also has IP54-rated weather-resistance, which allows them for all-year-round outdoor operation.

“The broadband, high-performance, high-pressure loudspeakers are weather-resistant. The 42 pieces of MAG AIR-152 IP loudspeakers were placed under the roof facing the grandstands, and the amplifiers were installed close to the loudspeakers to achieve the lowest possible signal loss”.

Critical emphasis was put into creating solid sound pressure level and ensuring high speech intelligibility, considering the high level of the background noise created by fans at the climax moments of football matches:

“During testing, the speech intelligibility measured in the empty stadium was STI PA≥ 0.64 at sound pressure of 81.4 dBA. The direct sound pressure was 103 dBA in the range of 125 Hz to 5,000 Hz — this was produced by the system for more than 1 minute without overheating, distortion and failure.”

The stadium has already welcomed several matches this year, as it was selected as one of the venues to host the 2021 UEFA European Under-21 Championship. And even though the first matches took place without an audience due to COVID-19 restrictions, the opening quarter-finals match between the Netherlands and France got an attendance of almost 1700 spectators. True football fans enjoyed the real life football experience to the utmost - with true emotions, true atmosphere and true high-quality sound.


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